Sherry Lusk: Christy Martin Lesbian Affair (Photos, Video)

December 2, 2010

Sherry Lusk is allegedly the woman who has been linked to Christy Martin in her stabbed and shot by her delusional husband episode, but who is she? Is it true that the famous female boxer champion was leaving him for another woman? Is that other woman Sherry Lusk? Are they living together already? Where did they meet? Has police found James Martin? Where is he now? Find out the answers to this latest Sports scandal and Christy’s alleged lesbian affair, more about Lusk in our story below and don’t miss the photos and video after the jump.

Lesbian Relationship

Less than a week ago the world of sports was shocked to know that one of Boxing ‘s golden couple was having more problems that we expected any marriage could have, he allegedly stabbed and shot her, she managed to run away from her house and is recovering and doing well, in the company and care of her Lesbian girlfriend???

Oh My! Yes that is right Christy Martin, according to TMZ, was having a lesbian affair, she was ready to end her marriage and start a relationship with her girlfriend officially, apparently her husband didn’t take the news so well and he rather allegedly would see her dead than with another partner I bet he never guessed it was another woman?

Well it was obvious he was furious and in despair to take the decision to allegedly hurt her not just with a knife but also with a gun, but the details given by Christy’s girlfriend Sherry Lusk are even more controversial.

Sherry Lusk, from St. Augustine, Florida met the boxer several years ago, but it is unknown when exactly they started their affair, so far we just know that they recently got romantically involved.

Ms. Lusk was at the hospital with her girlfriend and she was the one to tell a series of details that happened before Martin was injured. Apparently once they started their affair Martin told her husband, she was leaving him for Sherry, she added that he has been threatening her with destroying her name and boxing career.

On November 18 Sherry met with her in St. Augustine where they spent the night together, not without the constant threatening calls from her girlfriend’s hubby who said this time he planned to uploaded incriminating videos of her in Youtube, he proceeded to send her pictures of the videos to her home and email that night, the next day she went home talked to her husband, explained to him it was over and she was tired of his abuse.

On November 20th she went to Tampa for something related to boxing, but asked a friend to not tell her husband where she was since she was afraid he would find her, that friend talked to James and told Christy he found him calm and serene, she was ready to file for divorce at that point.

On November 22 Sherry was with her girlfriend again, after they said goodbye the threatening phone calls started again, this time he added a detailed description of Sherry’s bike and the rest of her meeting together, the next day while Sherry and her gal were enjoying a meal together another threatening phone call was received plus an announcement, he sent the videos and he would destroy her; recollecting her memories from that day she remembered he girlfriend saying.

“JIM that mother fu.. is going to shoot me.”

That same day they were talking on the phone during the afternoon, when she told her that he had just entered the room, but had something behind his back, the phone went dead and she couldn’t talk to her until they called her from the hospital to inform her what just happened.

As for Mr. Martin, he was found on November 30th at the woods behind his house, he refused to surrender, but gave in at the end. Police officers took him to the hospital where he was treated for what it seemed a self inflected stab wound.

What do you think of Sherry Lusk? And what about this whole alleged Lesbian affair? Checkout the photos and video below.

Sherry Lusk Video


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