Shahla Jahed: Iranian Soccer Player’s Girlfriend Executed

December 2, 2010

Meet Shahla Jahed she was the alleged mistress of Naser Mohammad Khani, the former Iranian Soccer Player, who was charged with murdering his wife, arrested and Executed. Find out who she really was? How did she kill that woman? How long was she in jail? How was she executed? By whom? Plus don’t miss the photos, video below. (The women in these pictures is not Shahla Jahed)

Shahla Jahed’s boyfriend is the 53 year old former striker of the Iranian Soccer team, he also played in important teams like Sanaati Behshahr, Rah Ahan, Qatar Sports Club, and Persepolis. He retired in 1994 and became his former team Persepolis Tehran’s new coach. He was married to Laleh Saharkhizan, they have two sons together and a temporary Wife named Shahla Jahed.

Shahla Jahed, a temporary wife, which might be the pretty way to say mistress in Iran, was the woman who spent 8 years in jail after she was found the main suspect in the murder of her temporary husband’s wife murder, (like if that makes sense). Well it doesn’t make any sense to us women I am sure to some men it does, anyways allow me to explain to you how this temporary thing works out in Iran. A man in Iran is allowed to cheat on their wives (He is allowed to have 4 legal wives) with as many temporary wives they like that is under the Iranian law with two conditions he must pay a fee and the affairs will be for a period of time that can last hours to years, this law does not apply to women who are just allowed to have one cheating husband. Hah!

Shahla Jahed was born Khadijeh Jahed in 1970 in Iran, she was the temporary wife of the former soccer player who allegedly on October 9, 2002 stabbed Laleh Saharkhizan to death in her apartment, she was her temporary husband’s legal wife. At the time of the murder the former player and coach at the time was at a training trip in Germany. Shahla fell in love with her temp hubby ever since he was a famous and dangerous player in the field, their alleged affair began in 1998, allegedly after continuously pursuing and constantly seducing him he gave in to her, during their temp. marriage they started to live together in Tehran.

According to media Laleh had been receiving threatening phone calls from an unidentified woman, the night she was murdered she was in her apartment with her children who found her dead with several knife wounds in her body. Shahla was arrested the following day, but she refused to talk for nearly a year, her temporary husband was arrested as well he was under suspicion of complicity, he was released after several months after she confessed she had committed the murder by herself, although he was sentenced to 74 lashes after he was found guilty of taking opium that was purchased by Shahla.

It is believed that she was wrongfully accused, there were suspicions of assault involved, but her confessions were even weirder, once she confessed to her murder, then she retracted, did she accept the guilt out of love? To save her lover? Shahla gave another version of the events that happened that night on October, 2002 she said she was lured to the house very late that night, when she got to the bedroom she found clothes all over the floor and the lifeless body which she was shocked to find she covered it with a blanket, but her hands got tainted with her blood, she washed them and then she addressed her boyfriend, was that her sin in loving him?

“I went there and saw the corpse, I put a cover on it, I felt sick. My hands got bloody. I didn’t kill her, I swear I didn’t. What was my sin in loving you?”

Shahla was found guilty of murder in 2004 and sentenced to death after she confessed to murder, but retracted her confession afterwards, alleging that she confessed because she was under police pressure, in her own words she said “Even a rooster can lay eggs in police pressure”. She was sentenced to death once again last year after her appeal failed, Shahla was sentenced to death under the Islamic law qisas which means an eye for an eye retribution.

“If you want to kill me, go ahead … if you send me back there [where her confessions were taken], I’ll confess again and not only will I confess to killing her but I’d also confess that I killed those who have been killed by others.”

There was a battle by human rights activists to spare her life, which can only be done if the victim’s family forgives her, but they didn’t. And her death sentence was upon her, when not even human rights could saved her. On December 1st, 2010 at 5:00 p.m at Evin Prison in Northern Tehran, Shahla Jahed was hanged.

Before dying she cried and pleaded for her life to be spared, the chair she was standing at was pushed by the victim’s son. She was 40 years old.

What are your thoughts about this story? About her? Do you think she did it? Do you think she was covering for someone? Check out the photos and video below.

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One Response to “Shahla Jahed: Iranian Soccer Player’s Girlfriend Executed”

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    Lisa Says:

    No I don’t think Shahla committed this crime.. the only crime was loving Naser Mohammad Khani. I think the murderer is still among us.. But god doesn’t sleep, one day justice will be served.