Joni Lamb is Marcus Lamb’s Wife: Affair with Marcus Lamb Girlfriend Revealed (Photos, Video)

December 1, 2010

Have you ever met Marcus Lamb’s wife? Her name is Joni Lamb and she was with her husband when he admitted about having an affair in front of a television audience. Was that news to her too? How did she react? Are they separating? Are they really getting extortion threats? How many children do Joni Lamb and her husband have? When did they get married? Keep reading to know all about her life in our story plus check out photos and video after the jump.

Joni Lamb

Joni Lamb’s husband is the famous Christian Minister, president of one of the biggest Christian Networks, Daystar Television, televangelist and an alleged cheater? Apparently yes to all of the above we will get to that later, first allow us to tell you a bit more about him. He is the 53 year old man who has been named among the 50 most Influential Christians in America, a loving father of three terrific children and amazing husband. Wait a second didn’t he allegedly cheat on Joni? What’s amazing about that?

Well, yes last month Joni and her husband were on live television on Joni’s show Celebration broadcast by Daystar Television Network where he publicly admitted to having an affair, Joni told viewers that three unidentified people are requesting 7.5 million dollars as part of an extortion in order to keep quiet about his affair. None of them revealed the name of the woman who he allegedly had an affair with.

Well that must take a lot of courage from Joni to forgive and to deal with it in the public eye now that they have exposed themselves, but who really is Joni Lamb?

Joni was born Joni Trammell in Greenville, South Carolina on July 19, 1960 making her 50 years old. Joni attended her home’s church the Tremont Avenue Church of God where she met her soon to be husband sometime around 1980.

She began dating him and two years later in 1982 they walked down the aisle and became husband and wife, and that’s how she also became Joni Lamb. She welcomed her son Jonathan, then came Rachel and finally her little one Rebecca. Joni Lamb along with her husband began their missionary journey all over the churches in the United States, first they resided in Montgomery, Alabama where they created WMCF-TV 45 (Christian T.V station), but after it got sold they relocated to Texas where they founded KMPX-TV 29 which turned out to be a major success.

Just five years after their first show on 29 was aired Joni and her hubby created Daystar Television Network where she is vice president and where her 30 minute show JONI receives very interesting guests. These days it is broadcast in over 75 television networks and is seen by millions of Christians all over, they couldn’t help but feel shocked about their minister’s revelation.

According to him, Joni forgave him and continues to be the loving wife she has always been, supportive throughout this difficult time in their marriage and public lives as well as in their ministry.

What do you think of this story? What would you do in her case? Do you think we will be hearing the name of the woman with whom he had his alleged affair? Check out the photos of Joni Lamb and her husband in his alleged affair revelation video below.

Joni Lamb’s husband -Alleged Affair revealed video
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14 Responses to “Joni Lamb is Marcus Lamb’s Wife: Affair with Marcus Lamb Girlfriend Revealed (Photos, Video)”

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  1. 1
    Deanne Jones Says:

    On November 30, 2010, Marcus Lamb appeared on Celebration and admitted to having engaged in infidelity several years prior,with Janice Smith who was then the Vice President of Programming, Cable Sales and Affiliate Relations. Marcus and Joni erroneously stated that the affair was at the center of an extortion attempt against him. Both Marcus and Joni Lamb assured their audience that they had reconciled over the matter, and that the extortion case is being investigated by the authorities. This is yet to be seen.

    Jeannette Hawkins, who was the Director of Marketing at Daystar and who was hired to directly report to Janice Smith and Marcus Lamb indirectly, was told in her interview that the company adhered to strict moral, ethical Christian standards. This was deception from day one, because Marcus Lamb and Janice Smith, were at that time, already sexually involved in an extra marital affair. Both Marcus and Janice were married to other people.

    The whole notion that Jeannette Hawkins’ lawyer James Fisher would go in to meet with Marcus’ attorney and demand money and commit a 2nd degree felony is preposterous. Rather in mid November 2010 Mr Fisher advised the attorney for the Lamb that Miss Hawkins and two other ex-employees were bringing suits against Marcus Lamb and Daystar, the first week of December.

    The entire affidavit by Ms Hawkins can be viewed online, with no blocked out information @:

  2. 2
    Ceecee Says:

    Daystar has been a blessing to many people. Naturally Satan wants to take it down. Lies and innuendo is what Satan is using to do it. We need to pray for Marcus, Joni, their kids, and Daystar. Yes, Marcus sinned. But he has repented and is un accountability now to prevent further temptation. His wife, Joni, has forgiven him, even though I can tell from watching the confession that she remembers the pain of learning about the affair.
    It all happened several years ago, and the couple is healing from it. Let’s get on board with restoration. That’s the Christian way to do it. God wants to restore, so why should Christians want to tear down and cast away.
    Let’s behave like God’s sheep instead of like sharks that smell blood on a feeding frezy. Jeannette Hawkins is acting like a shark.

  3. 3
    Ceecee Says:

    Ooops, I meant to say he is accountable now. Not that he is un accountable. I hate typos. I also hate comment posting that don’t allow you to go back and correct the mistake.

  4. 4
    Kenneth Nigri Says:

    another one bites the dust.

  5. 5
    JRD Says:

    The Bible is really clear about NOT “judging others”. It always proves out… if you judge someone… that same judgement will come to your own life. Be careful people! NO ONE is exempt from being “human” – and the enemy of God’s Kingdom knows exactly what buttons to push to trip YOU up.
    “Let those who are spiritual restore!”

  6. 6
    Caroline11 Says:

    IF he was truly repentant, an IF she truly went through the process of healing and believing their marriage was back on track, why all the lies about extortionists? It is so obviously a made up cover for Marcus’ indiscretion being found out. So he’s not perfect. I don’t like the fact that he, or any man, cheated on his wife but what is WAY worse is getting her to act like it was partially her fault and making her put out this crazy lie. No one is investigating any extortion case in regard to Marcus Lamb’s sexual straying (s). Yes, I made it plural. Eyes open folks, more sad cheatin’ news to come on this front.

  7. 7
    derrell Says:

    Satan wants to take down Daystar? Oh I see, satan is working through Jeanette Hawkins, and well Janice might not really be a christian according to Kendells, but Marcus? Well he’s good. Satan was not involved with his affair, Satan ws not part of Marcus and Joni’s plot to claim extortion, but well, with Mrs Hawkins, satan suddenly enters the story. Why? because Daystar has done so much good! Such Bias for Marcus Lamb and against anyone who simply takes offense at his seven year affair.

  8. 8
    RC Says:

    I believe they are sincere, and it is between them anyway, or should be. The three former employees, I assume they were, are only trying to get money out of their pain and it is not right. It is simply not right. And I think it is a testimony to what God can do by restoring their marriage….affairs happen all the time in the world, and most couples split, bitterness and all. But this couple is showing what forgiveness and working through it with God’s help will do…I wish them all the best.

  9. 9
    Tracy Says:

    thank ypu joni!!

  10. 10
    Julie Says:

    People, don’t be stupid. Don’t follow stupid people. They are not better than you or above you, just remember that. They are liars, cheaters and thieves actually. They have so many people decieved and under their control, it’s sad.

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