Pat Manocchia: Madonna’s Trainer Biography (Photos, Video)

December 1, 2010

Have you met Pat Manocchia? He is the Personal Trainer every celebrity wants to have, Pat is most famous for being Madonna’s trainer. His amazing books are sold worldwide and fans can’t get enough of them. His latest, Anatomy of Strength Training is a must. Check out this awesome celebrity trainer in our story below and don’t miss the photos and video as well.

Some think of Pat Manocchia as the demigod of fitness training, celebrities know their bodies will become legendary once they are in Pat’s training eye, but what makes this celebrity trainer so special?

Well Pat is not just a super trainer he is super handsome, if you don’t believe us just ask Julia Roberts, who besides getting her fabulous body tight with Pat she also dated him, sure that was like a century ago, now she is happily married and the caring mother of her gorgeous children, Julia’s body is amazing. Check their picture out here.

Some of that awesomeness most celebrities’ bodies showed is merely because of Pat Manocchia who has been physically training celebrities over the years, but one of the most famous celebrities who submits to his awesome fitness regimen is Madonna, he talked about his time training our dear Material girl.

“I trained Madonna for a long time, like eight years, nine years. That was a long time ago, though.”

Pat Manocchia went to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island where he joined the hockey team in the early 80’s the Brown Bears, he also has competed in several marathons and led climb groups all over the world. After college he became a well known trainer, what makes him so fantastic for every celebrity is that Pat helped them get the body they always wanted, but also to love your body and take good care of it inside and out.

Pat is now a handsome 40 something family man, but he is also owner of the famous center of Preventive medicine La Palestra in New York. The Celebrity fitness center that for over $8,000 a year you will get all the help you need to get the body of your dreams.

“Clients Are Given a Specifically Tailored Health Maintenance Program That Addresses Their Individual Needs, From Rehabilitation to Athletic Performance. Our primary objective is the health of our clients. We begin with a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive health evaluation which consists of complete blood work, medical history, physical examination, orthopedic assessment, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and flexibility evaluation, cardiovascular respiratory efficiency testing, and muscular strength and endurance testing as well as both nutritional and behavioral evaluations.”

Plus you can get a chance to bump into Liam Neeson, Sean Avery, John McEnroe and other fantastic celebrities, his overwhelming fitness success took him to write two fitness books already, his first Anatomy of Exercise: A Trainer’s Inside Guide to Your Workout was released last year and turned out to be a total hit, his second book was just released last month, Anatomy Of Strength Training: The 5 Essential Exercises where Pat gives you his best tools to help you get fit while you are doing all those basic movements. When Pat is not at his fab training center you can find him at his home with his beautiful wife Deborah and their two gorgeous children.

What can you tell us about him? Would you like to share any additional information about Pat? Check out the photos and video below.

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