Google’s Groupon Offer Denied!

December 5, 2010

Will the biggest search engine corporation be getting even bigger? The talks are going on in order for a Google, Groupon deal! If it happens you could get everything you need at one site! Keep reading below for all the details, with some photos and video too.

****UPDATE**** – Google’s Groupon offer of a reported $5+ billion to buy the company has been denied! Reportedly Groupon is entertaining the idea of going the IPO route some time next year, so we’ll see if that in fact will come to fruition.

…and back to our original story:

Groupon offers discounts from dinner cruises to dental exams and has been very successful since its launch two years ago. As people search for more and more deals, sites like this one are doing very well. And of course the search engine company likes to be the best and have the best, so they want to acquire the coupon site!

My first question, and one many others had, was why does Google need to buy Groupon? Couldn’t they make their own similar business like many other have tried to do? Well of course, however, as history shows us, the initial venture usually does the best. And that is what this company is looking for!

Yahoo was in talks to buy the deals site earlier, but their rumored initial bid of about $3 billion has been beat by Google. The price that will may be accepted by the end of this week is about $6 billion total. And though that’s a big price tag, it is thought to be very reasonable for what they are getting.

“It’s obviously a big purchase price for a company that’s only two years old,” said Clayton Moran. “Given the competitive position it gives Google in local and daily deals, it’s worth the money.”

If you are not familiar with how the sought after franchise works, they have a large number of subscribers who get sent emails with amazing offers, and if they are shared by enough people, then it is activated.

It has become a phenomenon and you can see the desire of Google to buy Groupon! What do you think about the possible deal? Will it limit competition too much and ultimately cause more problems? Check out these pictures and this video, and then leave me your comments below.

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