Daniel Assange: Wikileaks Julian Assange’s Son (Photos, Video)

November 30, 2010

Meet Daniel Assange he is the estranged son of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, his father asked him to join his Wikileaks empire what did he say? What are his thoughts about his famous father and his exposure to confidential documents? Alleged rape allegations? What can he tell us about his mother whose departure caused his father’s hair to turn white all of the sudden? Who really is the Wikileaks founder in his life? Check out all of the interesting, shocking and revealing details Daniel Assange has to say, find out who he really is, check out the photos, video and share your comments with us.

Daniel Assange’s estranged father is the famous founder of Wikileaks. He has described his childhood as difficult, he lived in over 38 places as a child after his mother’s relationship with her ex and father of his half brother turned violent, even so he managed to go to school and college. Although he doesn’t have any College diploma his intellect has been the center of attention when under the alias Mendax (Latin word for nobly untruthful) and at just 16 he was hacking computers, 4 years later he broke into a Canadian Telecommunications company Nortel Networks, he was caught but ordered just to pay a small fine. In 1994 he founded Suburbia where he created several free computer programs and software, Wikileaks was created in 2006, (you know how that goes), he has been awarded with many popular awards like Economist Index on Censorship, Sam Adams and has been named Person of the Year by Time Magazine.

According to reports at the NY Post his son Daniel Assange said his father is no person of the year 2010 or any other year with the ladies, his father was accused of rape by two women his father said the accusation was a smear campaign by the Pentagon, to this Daniel also had something to say.

“That man does have a way of making a lot of female enemies. interesting to see whether this is the result of a government plot or personal grudges.”

But this might be the NY Post misinterpreting Daniel’s posting on Facebook friend Richard Hall’s page in relation to his father’s inability to establish a ground relationship with women during his entire life. The Post never interviewed Daniel nor did they ask for his permission to publish his comments. This news was also reported by the Observer check it out here and even some other sites in Australia spread the news reported by the Post, clearly his comments were used to harm him and his father.

Daniel also cleared up the comments that he has been estranged from his father since 2007, for him the word “estranged” does not describe his relationship with his famous father. It is true that his father left Australia that year and has been traveling all over, but that doesn’t mean they are not a great or ideal but sort of an OK father/ son relationship.

“It was just a general decline of relations, I was getting into my late teenage years, and single father and teenage son don’t mix particularly well in one house. As for him not contacting me following that, it’s probably at least in part an attempt to protect me. If it was known that I was the son and directly involved in some way, there was a likelihood of a direct retaliation, and my father was quite concerned about such things.”

Daniel received an invitation to join Wikileaks in 2006, he was just 16 at the time, he was not so sure his father’s idea would become successful, so he rejected the offer. He simply thought his father’s Wikileaks idea was not going to succeed for him, felt the whole concept was absurd.

But Daniel has a clear image of who his father is, as well as memories from his childhood along his father before his mother and Daniel who was just a little kid left his dad.

“I would say he’s very intelligent and has a lot of the characteristic troubles that are associated with high intelligence, he gets easily frustrated with people who aren’t capable of working up to his level and seeing ideas that he grasps very intuitively. The one thing I found that I appreciated most was that he wouldn’t treat me like a child when it came to intellectual concepts: he would speak to me as though he were really trying to get me to grasp the fullness of an idea. I think that really helped me a lot in realizing the nature of reality.”

Daniel was born on January 26, 1990 (20 years old, not 21) in Melbourne, Australia, he went to school at Box Hill High School in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. He used to be at the University of Melbourne where he was studying to earn his BSc in Genetics, Today Daniel is a software developer at Noble Samurai a marketing research process company in Nunawading, Victoria. No information about Daniel’s mother was found.

What are your thoughts about this story? Can you tell us anything more about Daniel Assange? Check out the photos and video below.

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