FIFA Bribery Scandal: Football Corruption News (Video)

November 30, 2010

FIFA is the most recognizable and famous soccer association in the world, somehow officials inside have gotten themselves in the middle of a nasty scandal that allegedly involved bribery and God knows what else we are about to discover. Follow us to discover all the darkest secrets behind the association responsible for one of the most important soccer events, The World Cup. plus check out the photos and video below.

FIFA stands for International Federation of Association Football except that is in French Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is was founded in 1904 in Paris. The first FIFA president was Robert Guérin, the famous French Journalist. The headquarters are in Zurich with Sepp Blatter as President since 1998. FIFA was the center of a scandal in 2006 when BBC’s television show Panorama invited the famous Scotties reporter and writer Andrew Jennings, who had just released his book Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and Ticket Scandals, where he exposed FIFA’s president’s alleged bribery in cash for contracts right after the failure with their marketing partner ISL that collapsed in 2001, plus and other illicit payments of over £1m to FIFA officials that guaranteed Mr. Blatter a place as president.

BBC and Jennings broadcast a one hour show where besides exposing this, said that Mr. Blatter was being investigated by the police in Switzerland. Jennings got all the information from unidentified sources and from Mel Brennan, who was more than happy to expose the alleged bribery and corruption going on in FIFA.

Today on November 2010 these officials involved in the alleged bribery were identified as Ricardo Teixeira (Brazilian Football Confederation), Issa Hayatou (from Cameroon and FIFA Vice President) and are threatening to sue BBC for claiming he received £10,000. BBC said that he is allegedly linked to the 1995 deposit of 100,000 French francs, but he said it was not a bribe but a sponsorship payment for CAF’s 40th anniversary. Nicolas Leoz (South American football federation, received $730,000) these guys allegedly received a substantial and ridiculous amounts of money actually 174 bribery payments (from ISL between 1889 and 1999 over £64.2M or $100M) plus BBC named a fourth official Jack Warner (CONCAFAC President) who allegedly sold World Cup tickets for the 2006 and 2010 Cups respectively in the Black Market.

According to this latest report, now Mr. Warner here is an important piece for England 2018 and all of the other three officials are meant to give their vote on December 2nd for the Bid of England 2014 and 2022. England bidders officials called the BBC’s statement that these FIFA officials responsible for the England 2018 and 2022 bid have taken bribery but that FIFA has never done a thing about it, to be anti-patriotic, sensationalist and an embarrassment to the BBC. To this BBC responded by saying that it was their obligation “to investigate corruption and wrongdoing”.

FIFA worldwide soccer competitions are AFC: Asian Football Confederation (Asia and Australia), CONMEBOL: Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (South America), CONCACAF: Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (North and Central America), UEFA: Union of European Football Associations in Europe), OFC: Oceania Football Confederation (Oceania and CAF:Confédération Africaine de Football (Africa)

Mr. Andrew Jennings has been banned from attending and covering any FIFA events, press conferences, etc.

What do you think of this outrageous FIFA scandal? Do you really believe bribery is involved? Do you think the BBC should have broadcast their program so close to the England bidding? Check out the photos and video with all the latest and revealing details about this shocking news below.

FIFA Bribery Scandal News Video
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