Famous December Birthdays: Do You Share a Birthday With a Celebrity?

November 30, 2010

Here it is, your short-list of famous December birthdays for this last month of the year! From Taylor Swift to Brad Pitt, find out what your favorite stars are getting up to in celebration of their birth, plus pictures and video below!

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Taking the 90’s by storm, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera shared the spotlight for the decade, but who knew they shared their birthday month as well? No word on any big celebrations for these two, but a nice present for Britney would be the rumored collaboration with Justin Bieber in 2011!

One thing the list of famous December birthdays does have in abundance is sport-star power. Both Tiger Woods and LeBron James were born on the 30th of the month, both still top-level competitors in their respective sports. But it’s not just basketball and golf, the MLB’s all-time base stealing leader Rickey Henderson was also born on the 25th.

Last year, LeBron celebrated his 25th with a 106-101 win over the Atlanta Hawks (while he was still with Cleveland) and got a $400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom from Shaq!

Here’s our short-list of the most important births of the month, get the full breakdown at www.famousbirthdays.com.

Woody Allen: Dec 1, 1935
Britney Spears: Dec 2, 1981
Ozzy Osbourne: Dec 3, 1948
Jay-Z: Dec 4, 1970
Jeff Bridges: Dec 4, 1949
Teri Hatcher: Dec 8, 1964
Frank Sinatra: Dec 12, 1915
Taylor Swift: Dec 13, 1989
Steve Buscemi: Dec 13, 1989
Flo Rida: Dec 16, 1979
Ludwig Van Beethoven: Dec 16, 1770
Christina Aguilera: Dec 18, 1980
Brad Pitt: Dec 18, 1980
Jake Gyllenhaal: Dec 19, 1980
Ray Romano: Dec 21, 1957
Samuel L. Jackson: Dec 21, 1948
Ricky Martin: Dec 24, 1971
Sir Issac Newton: Dec 25, 1642
Rickey Henderson: Dec 25, 1958
Denzel Washington: Dec 28, 1954
Jude Law: Dec 29, 1972
LeBron James: Dec 30, 1984
Tiger Woods: Dec 30, 1975

My favorite coincidence is that Beethoven and Flo Rida share the same day; I’ll bet Beethoven is turning over in his grave! Do you share one of these famous December birthdays? Did we miss someone important? Let us know in the comment section after you check out the pictures and video below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Johnny Louis, FayesVision, Nikki Nelson, HRC, PNP

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