Merily McGivern is Lembit Opik’s Girlfriend

November 29, 2010

Have you met Merily McGivern? She is British Democrat Politician Lembit Opik’s young and stunning girlfriend. How did they meet? How long have they been dating? How old is Merily? Is she a model? Are they living together? Wedding bells coming soon? Is she pregnant? Who was she dating before? That’s way too many questions, luckily we have all the answers in our story plus check out the photos and video after the jump.

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Merily McGivern’s boyfriend is just a tad famous, not really he is actually the 45 year old British Liberal Democrat politician who is also a former member of the Parliament for Montgomeryshire, he once participated in Celebrity Apprentice, I’m A Celebrity get Me Out of Here and Who wants to be a Millionaire. Born to Estonian parents, she is fluent in Estonian, German and English, graduated from University of Bristol and has raised some eyebrows before, not because of his outrageous comments and critics over politicians, but because of his taste for younger women, he once dated Cheeky girl’s singer Gabriela Irimia, she was 26 years old (16 years younger) and this brings us to his new young girlfriend Merilyn McGivern who is 21 years old.

The first time the world knew about the former MP’s girlfriend was in early October when both were featured on Hello Magazine, it was there that both were pictured looking very happy and so comfortable with each other and their relationship, even though Merily commented that at first their relationship surprised many especially her father who was very concerned his beautiful daughter was now dating a guy 24 years older and just 8 years younger than his age and 9 years younger than his wife. Merily’s father Steve is an architect, her mother Ilona owns a shrub ­nursery.

“When my Dad found out I was dating Lembit, he Googled him and wasn’t happy. But he calmed down and, as soon as they met, they got on really well. It was the same with my friends: they judged Lembit on his public image, and were very pleasantly surprised on meeting him. Lembit is a very different person to the way he’s portrayed in the Media.”

Merily is her boyfriend’s love interest but also his personal assistant, they met at the Estonian Embassy, less than two weeks later he asked her on a date. Six weeks later she was moving in with him, because of his hilarious personality she didn’t care about his age in fact she didn’t notice it. She added that at first she never imagined anything personal could ever happened between them. Check out Merily’s picture with her boyfriend here and in a bikini at the beach here.

Her former boyfriend was a Zulu, whatever that is, she dated him just for three months due to the cultural differences between them, which got us curious we have heard Zulu as the time zone, other meanings for Zulu – people from the eastern seaboard of South Africa or kwaZulu-Natal.

Merily is an undergraduate Drama and Politics student at Greenwich University born in Whitby, North Yorkshire. She is the second eldest daughter of Ilona and Steve McGivern’s five children, despite her age she is very mature and she trusts her boyfriend with her heart, she happens to know the real man that people might be surprised to realize he really is.

She traveled to Australia to receive her jungle boyfriend as he exited IACGMOOH (I’m a celebrity get me out of here), for the moment no plans about getting married have come to their minds.

“Lembit has told me that he loves me, but we haven’t even discussed getting engaged or married.” Merily said.

So now tell us what do you think of her? Have any other information about her? Check the photos and video below.

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