California Real Estate: For Sale Signs at Celebrity Homes

November 29, 2010

Looking to snatch up a glamorous house? Well in California, real estate for sale signs are all around, including at some celebrity homes. Want to know who changing their address? Keep reading below for the full story with more photos and videos.

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The stars may be able to buy amazing houses that most of us could never imagine, but in these economic times, they aren’t usually any luckier when they go to sell them. Let’s take a peek at some of their homes that and see what’s for sale.

One of the most infamous properties up for grabs is the death house of Michael Jackson. Now he didn’t own this home, but was renting it and since it is where he passed away it might be the next snatched up piece of California real estate. For sale signs have been up since 2008, but with a little lower price sellers are trying to get their $28,995,000 price. Oh and did I mention it has 12 fireplaces, a theater room, wine cellar, and an indoor spa & gym. There is also a guest house, pool and gardens on 1.26 acres.

Some other big names who are hoping to put up a “sold” sign are Donald Trump, Pierce Brosnan and Nick Lachey. Go check out a picture and descriptions of those and more here.

One man, who is hoping to unload his home, may have his eyes set on a bigger and more influential house. That’s right, Donald Trump has mentioned some interest in running for president in the 2012 elections. Even if he does get his home sold, I don’t think his next address will be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

California has enough draws without having celebrity homes on the market. So whether you can afford to live in one of their previous pads or not, there are plenty of other reasonable places to check out so you can enjoy all that the “Golden State” has to offer.

What do you think about today’s California real estate for sale? If you could afford them, which celebrity home would you try to snatch up? Check out some pictures and video then leave me your comments below.

California Real Estate  1

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