Patricia Villa is Barcelona David Villa El Guaje’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 29, 2010

Meet Patricia Villa she is Barcelona Striker and Spain amazing soccer player David “El Guaje” Villa’s Wife. Patricia has been in his life for a longtime, she is also a former athlete, mother of his daughters and BFF of another fabulous Spanish WAG. Keep reading to know more about the life, marriage and family of this amazing Soccer WAG and don’t miss the photos and video below.

Patricia Villa’s husband was Spain’s hero at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, his amazing goals and performances helped tremendously the Spanish National team to win the Would Cup, he is the new addition in Barcelona F. C and a powerful and dangerous soccer player that will try to score points for his team and do one of his fantastic memorable celebrations that became emblematic for Patty’s hubby, for her the joy has been present in her life ever since they were just a couple of teenage kids in the streets of Spain where they met, fell in love and continue to be one of Spain’s most famous and dear sports couples.

Patricia Gonzalez Villa was born in La Felguera, Langreo in Asturias, Spain in 1980 in Spain, she met her soon to be hubby when they were just children to be exact, they started dating in their teenage years. Patricia went to school at Colegio Santo Tomás de La Felguera where she enjoyed playing soccer in fact she was a pretty good player.

Patricia became Patricia Villa when she and her boyfriend got married in July 2003 in Spain she was 21 years old, two years later on December 7, 2005 at 10:30 p.m Patricia welcomed her daughter Zaida into their lives who became a big sister to little Olaya on August 18, 2009 who was born in Clínica Quirón in Spain. Besides being a super mother and reserved but loving, caring dedicated wife Patricia Villa takes care of their catering company Inversiones Villa y González S.L. Check Mrs. Villa’s family picture here and here.

When we told you that Patricia Villa was a really close friend or BFF to another Spanish WAG we meant Olaya Dominguez Torres aka Fernando Torres’s wife, they are so close that her little Olaya is named after her, these two have a lot in common both got married to their childhood sweethearts, both are really shy and reserved and both their husbands have similar nicknames, you see Torres is also known the Kid Torres or el Niño Torres in Spanish while Patricia’s hubby is called El Guaje which means kid in Asturian where both of them were born and raised. Check out Patricia and her family in a Bikini at the beach here.

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Patricia Villa Video
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