Racquel Smith: New Orleans Saints Will Smith’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 27, 2010

Have you ever met Racquel Smith? She is New Orleans Saints Will Smith’ Wife, she was involved in a domestic violence case with her husband or so media said. While Racquel said no such thing happened, what really happened? Was domestic violence involved in the Smith’s household? Who really is Mrs. Smith? Does she have any children? Check out her full story below and don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

Racquel Smith

Racquel Smith’s husband is the 29 year old Defensive End for the New Orleans Saints, he went to Ohio State until he was drafted by the Saints in 2004. That same year he was named Rookie of the Year. Most of the time he gets confused with the famous Fresh Prince of Bel-air, the now popular movie actor, both have certain similarities, same name, great at what they do and absolutely gorgeous wives which bring us to our girl Racquel.

Racquel R Joseph Smith was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, she got married on June 21st, 2008 to the famous NFL defensive tackle at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana, She is the proud mother of three gorgeous children, Lisa Mya Smith, William Smith Jr, and Wynter Chase Smith.

Racquel and her family were in Lafayette over the weekend because of one of her family member’s birthday (apparently her sister’s 30th birthday), she was at a night club where she was allegedly a victim of her hubby who after getting into an argument got into a fight with her, subsequently grabbed her by her hair and dragged her on the sidewalk. He was later arrested and charged with domestic violence and battery. He was released from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department after he paid a $1,000 bond.

People got curious about this story since just a few days before Mrs. Smith was seen with her hubby sending Thanksgiving wishes to everybody, whether this really happened this way or not Racquel went to her Twitter account where she said everything was a misunderstanding and also posted the following.

rockie91 Racquel Smith
Ugh! SUch a huge misunderstanding! My husband and I are fine and this was all bs. Please allow the legal system to take its course

rockie91 Racquel Smith
I feel bad for my husband who is innocent in all of this and all my family. Pray for my family and don’t pass judgement.

rockie91 Racquel Smith
We are are strong couple, Love conquers all and thats what we have. Its just so sad that he is in the public eye and everything is

rockie91 Racquel Smith
magnified. I love you @iwillsmith! Please who dat fans support our family through this time.

rockie91 Racquel Smith
@pyp1229 thank you for the support that means a lot to us.

What do you think really happened? What do you think of her? Have any additional information about Racquel? Check out the photos and video below.

Racquel Smith 1
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Racquel Smith Video
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