Yannick Brea: Michael Brea’s Mother

November 27, 2010

Yannick Brea was Ugly Betty actor Michael Brea’s mother, she was brutally murdered, by her own blood, her son killed her with a sword. Keep reading to know her story plus check out the photos, video and share all of your comments with us.

Yannick Brea’s son is the 31 year old actor who acted on the 4th season of Ugly Betty and Step Up 3D, he and his twin brother Marcel were born in New York to Haitian parents Marcel and Yannick Brea, Yannick and her husband decided to raise their boys surrounded by love and their religious beliefs, she taught her boys to feel compassion for others less fortunate, she grew up watching misery and poverty. Life in Haiti was never easy, so she tried to help anyone that needed help, didn’t have food, shelter, clothes and didn’t know about God. It was her son who once talked about his childhood and his mother.

“I remember growing up,” Michael says, “and my mother was always feeding people who were less fortunate. My parents raised me to always share and to give charity in the name of GOD.”

55 year old Yannick Brea was living with her twin sons on Brooklyn Heights after she divorced her husband, her sister Ginna lived not far away from her, she and her sons attended church every Sunday and worked at a hotel nearby, some of her previous job experiences had been at another hotel located in the World Trade Center.

Some people who knew Yannick said she was a loving, caring and kind woman, with an amazing cooking ability, her Haitian cuisine was fantastic, others told media that her sons went the wrong way when they grew up, although most of them described her actor son as kind young man, nobody suspected that this same man was about to commit the most horrible crime by killing the woman who loved him the most.

According to his statements he had a dream. In that dream he saw God telling him that it was his last day on earth, on November 23rd, 2010 a man tried to put a curse on him the following afternoon by trying to give him a Freemason pin, some other people asked him what was the difference between Mom and Mother, he believed all of these were signs from heaven.

He went home got into his room, lit some candles and started to perform some rituals, It was then that Yannick knocked on his door and asked him to put some chicken on a pot, he believed the chickens were a sacrifice, when Yannick asked him why he hadn’t put the chickens already he said her voice was the voice of a demon, it was right before he started to yell Repent, Repent, You never accepted Jesus as he allegedly slashed her with a 3 foot ceremonial Freemason sword, she yelled for help, neighbors called the police.

When police got there they didn’t get in the apartment instead they left, it wasn’t until a second 911 call that they broke the door down, just to find Yannick nearly decapitated and her son holding a bible, babbling something religion related, as he was taken out of the building and taken into a psychiatric hospital, where he said his reason to kill his mother with no regrets:

“She had the voice of the demon,” Brea said. “I asked, ‘Do you believe in God?’ She said, ‘No, Michael, no,’ and began screaming. I began slashing her like this,
I didn’t want to kill her right away. I wanted to give her time to get right with God. I felt like Neo from ‘The Matrix. I began hearing voices and feeling powerful. They were asking about the difference between mom and mother. It was a sign.”

Even after the police arrived on the scene, Brea kept attacking his mother. “I knew they wouldn’t open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me. Just kept cutting her. No one could stop me. I was doing the work of God.”

While he said Yannick Brea’s murder was a work of God by her son, her ex husband and father of her children believes that his money debts was the probable reason to send him over the edge.

Our thoughts and prayers go out o her family and friends throughout this terrible and tragic time. Would you like to send a message? Check out the photos and video below.

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