Christy Martin: Female Boxer Biography (Photos, Video)

November 24, 2010

Meet Christy Martin she is an amazing female boxer with tremendous experience and an alleged deadly husband? Check out her biography to know all about Christy, Who is her husband James Martin who tried to allegedly kill her and why, When did she get married? When did she start boxing? What titles does she hold? Plus take a look at Christy’s photos and video after the jump.

Christy Salter Martin a young catcher on her school’s baseball team in West Virginia with a dream to box, that dream put her in the hands of boxing trainer Jim Martin who trained her intensely for hours, her trainer then became her husband. Together they became a loving and remarkable couple, but what was not remarkable about them was the news brought by her when she escaped from her house heavily wounded, stabbed and shot by the man who she has loved and trained her over the years.

Christy Renea Salter was born in Mullens, West Virginia on June 12, 1968 making her 42 years old. Her father John and Joyce Salter worked as coal miner (where she got the nickname the coal miner’s daughter) and a homemaker respectively. She attended school at Mullens High school where she played baseball and basketball, after high school she attended Concord College in Athens where she got her degree in education in 1991.

Boxing came to her life while she was at college and joined the boxing team where she won the Tough Women boxing competition. Some of her fights at college were her fights in 1989 vs. Angela Buchana, Andrea DeShong. In 1990 she faced Jamie Whitcomb and Lisa Holpp, 1991 once again vs. Jamie Whitcomb, Rhonda Hefflin and Suzane Riccio; amazed by the experience she decided to take boxing to a professional level taking her into the doors of boxing trainer Jim Martin in Bristol Tennessee, but he didn’t want to train her.

Perhaps this story reminds you of the Million Dollar Baby film, i thought so too, but I was wrong, so Jim was not amazed a bit by her, and didn’t want to be her trainer. Tired of her persistence he planned to have someone hurt her badly so she would change her mind about the sport. Luckily her talent and brightness won him over and he decided to give the 5’4″ a chance.

Christy not only won her trainer’s respect but also her heart he became her husband (he is 24 years older than she is) she was then known as Chrisy Martin. The new couple moved to Florida where she called the attention of Don King who in 1993 became her promoter. Christy Martin holds a record of 57 fights where she lost 5 of them and got a draw on 3. Her most memorable fight was in 1996 against Irish boxer Deirdre Gogarty where Martin ended up with a bloody nose and a victory via unanimous decision in Las Vegas. Christy was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1996.

Christy and her hubby owned a gym, the Jim Martin Gym, together they trained many future boxers, her hubby was absent for some time this year when he had to have open heart surgery, Christy thanked fans for their warm wishes for his recovery and informed them that he was back in the gym in August. Three months later we heard once again from the boxing couple but the news was even more shocking.

On November 24, 2010 Christy ran away from her home in Orange County she had been stabbed and shot in her leg and torso, by her husband. A man driving near Apopka Lake took her to a hospital where she told police her attacker was her husband. According to reports on TMZ Christy was away from home for a couple of days, that set him on fire, his rage was so palpable that an unidentified caller made a phone call to police informing them that he has several guns at his house, was looking pretty angry over his wife’s absence, the caller added that he was also suicidal. Jim Martin is reportedly missing, police are still searching for him.

We like to express our wishes to Christy on her recovery. Would you like to send her a message? Would you like to tell us what do you think of this story in our comments box below? Check out the photos and videos.

Christy Martin Video
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2 Responses to “Christy Martin: Female Boxer Biography (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Brian Laxton Says:

    Christy sorry for your troubles and wish you all the best. I am very proud to have known you as children and hope you have a speedy recovery.

  2. 2
    Kennith Crook Says:

    Christy, I only recently learned of the attempt on your life. I saw it on the local news. They were talking about your upcoming fight. I wish you all the luck and the best in life. I’m so proud to have known you and grown up with you & your family in Itmann. Keep fighting….