How to Make Cranberry Sauce (Recipe, video)

November 24, 2010

Tired of sour, bitter or tasteless cranberry sauce? You decided to stay way from cranberry sauce because you are on a diet? Long lines at the supermarket when you just need one can of cranberry sauce? What if you don’t like cranberry sauces from the can and wish you knew how to make your own. Will it take much time? Too pricey? Too difficult? Too many calories? Not at all! We are here to show you how to make an easy, affordable and delicious cranberry sauce at home and as a bonus we are including a fat free cranberry sauce recipe for all of you who are on a diet, you would be able to have cranberry sauce without the guilt, follow the recipe and use the instructional video that will guide you step by step.

cranberry Sauce recipe

Cranberry sauce is a must every Thanksgiving not only are they super delicious they are also full of antioxidants plus do you believe that cranberries are high in carbs? Well really 1 cup is just 12 grams of carbs and 7 grams so you are safe, there is no Thanksgiving meal without it. Perhaps you remember Thanksgiving at home when you were just a kid and can even taste the delicious home made sauce you love so much, well you will learn how to make that delicious sauce you love so much, but haven’t been able to do it at home or find anything similar at the store, so let’s begin!

Here are the ingredients you will need. (Non Fat Approx. 4 servings.)
* One bag of cranberries (12 oz. each depending of the quantity you want to make)
* 1 cup of brown sugar
* 3/4 cup water

These are optional but highly recommended if you want to try it with a citrus flavor, you can switch the water for orange juice believe me it is a fabulous way to add some awesomeness to your cranberry sauce.

* 1/3 cup Orange juice (optional, but delicious)
* 1/2 cup Port or red wine

* Wash the cranberries and place them in your saucepan
* Add the brown sugar
* Orange juice
* Wine
Using a spoon stir all the ingredients in your saucepan (medium heat) let it simmer and stir occasionally, some of the cranberries will begin to poop, don’t worry that’s a good sign, continue to stir until you see the the liquid will start to reduce and a more heavy, jam consistency will start to build up, that’s great too you are almost done.

After it gets all done about 10- 15 minutes, place your sauce in a container and cool it in your refrigerator overnight, if you are out of time and need to serve it that same day, just a few hours in refrigerator will do. You can serve it at room temperature or cool.

**Secret ingredients** You can add orange zest and/ or walnuts to add that special and personal touch. If you are not sure about those ingredients another great addition is nutmeg. You can see more variations in cranberry sauce here.

Fat Free Cranberry Sauce recipe
* 12 grams or 3 cups of cranberries
* 1 cup of water
* cup of splenda or liquid sucrose

More fat free cranberry sauces here.

If you have leftovers of your sauce there are also other recipes where you can use your sauce like this one. Check the instructional videos that will guide you all the way to a successful, delicious home made cranberry sauce below.

cranberry sauce recipecranberry sauce recipe 1cranberry SauceCranberry sauce recipe
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Cranberry Sauce /with water or OJ and Wine video

Cranberry Sauce Recipe video


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