Thanksgiving Holiday Travel: Essential Tips To Survive the Holiday Journey

November 24, 2010

Here it is: your one-stop guide to surviving Thanksgiving Holiday Travel! We’re covering everything you need to know about airport survival including the infamous TSA body scanners, as well as the traditional carpool and surviving car trips with kids. Get all the details, pictures and video below!

First, to get there in time for the Turkey Day parade we’ll start with the more foreboding airport visit. If you still have the option to change your flying days, that’s the first thing to check. It’s best not to fly out the day before (Wednesday), or the Sunday following, as these are renowned as the busiest flying days of the year by far! Even a flight on T-Day morning would save you a huge headache.

But, if your Thanksgiving holiday travel flying plans are set in stone, then at least heed the following tips during the worst projected journeying season yet.

Bring carry-on luggage only! This will save the hassle milling through the crowds to pick your luggage off the carousel, and even the dreaded lost baggage scenario. If you do carry-on then be sure to:

Arrive to the airport early! With the swaths of human traffic clogging every step on the way to your plane, be sure to give yourself an extra hour or so cushion to avoid running through the airport to catch your flight. Besides, you’ll want to get to your gate early to position yourself well. As a lot of people will be going with carry-on, the overhead bins are likely to be packed out; so getting on the plane first will give you dibs on the overhead storage!

Finally, be sure you’re TSA compliant! With the infamous body scanners and new pat-down procedures, don’t give the security any reason to peg you as suspicious. Not only are the searches invasive, they take up valuable time! Go to to find out the latest banned items.

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of flying and just want to carpool to your family’s for Turkey Day, be sure to read the following tips for a smooth journey.

Entertain the kids! The last thing you need are bored kids on your four-hour traffic-logged commute to the family ranch. Being in the 21st century, we’re lucky enough not to just have to rely on the classics such as “I-Spy” and “The Alphabet Game” for entertainment. While those are certainly good for a time, most recommend you bring a DVD player and headphones for the kids!

Limit drinks to water only! While most kids would ask for a soda or sugary-drink, limiting the youth to H2O will save you from excessive bathroom stops and sugar-crazed kids.

Finally, plan your route! Check ahead of time to avoid heavy-traffic areas and road works. Also, the roads will be filled with people running late for the long weekend, and ample police to catch them speeding, so obey the speed limit and drive safely!

That’s it for the Thanksgiving holiday travel guide! Let me know if you have some handy tips for weary travellers during the Turkey Day season in the comment section. And for more on the story, be sure to check out the pictures and video below!

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