Linda Hogan Vs. Hulk Hogan: Who Wins?

November 23, 2010

Linda Hogan is ready to fire back at her ex-husband’s accusations, she is giving her best shot accusing Hulk Hogan of keeping his alleged affairs, aggression that contributed to the dissolution of their marriage. With both parties ready to take this match who would win? What else is Linda revealing? What does Hulk have to say about her latest statements? What is your decision? We also included some of their memorable photos and video after the jump.

Linda Hulk Hogan

Linda and Hulk Hogan got married on December 18, 1983 and divorced in November 2007. Linda began dating and is now engaged to 21 year old Charlie Hill and Hulk got married in November to Jennifer McDaniel who he began dating since 2008.

Today Linda threw a hit to her ex, stating he was the center of attention of the A&E special, her book about her life with the wrestler “Wrestling the Hulk My Life on the Ropes” will be released next week, here is an interesting quote. Check the rest out at The New York Post.

“He has never apologized publicly or privately for his infidelities that destroyed our family. His adultery, cruelty and continuing dishonesty and failure to abide by any of our agreements continues to make life miserable . . . for me and our children.”

Speaking of other Sports WAGs, Bleacherreport named Rihanna their Sports WAG of the week, her AMA performance called male fans’ attention, but Ri-Ri just cares about her man’s attention – Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Kemp.

Lindsey Vonn is a sports WAG but also a super Olympic skier and is she also the Next Femme Fatale with an ice pick? Well she certainly will look like one – The Huffington Post brings the new ESPN cover featuring Lindsey as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct, Oh MY!

Sports WAGS supporting each other is Pop Crunch’s story of Victoria Beckham supporting her dear friend Eva Longoria during her process of healing after her scandalous divorce with still hubby Tony Parker.

And when they can, Sports WAGs also back up their famous husbands, Like the story Deadspin features Brandy Pearl comparing her husband Bruce Pearl after he was suspended over some NCAA violations.

Sometimes the athletes have to defend their Wives like Kobe Bryant has done so many times with wife Vanessa, how he gets the strength, well Sportsbybrooks features Kobe saying his mentor was Michael Jackson, maybe he heard Justin Bieber.

Thank God Josh Hamilton doesn’t have any issues defending his wife Katie Hamilton, he didn’t play the entire season either but still he was named the 2010 AL MVP according to SBNation.

Tiger Woods once was the Most Valuable Golfer, he is now looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his kids, Anything Hollywood tells us what plans Elin has.

Serious mess we had with the whole Tiger/ Elin issue and it sure got ugly for WWE Diva Tiffany when her husband Wrestler Drew McIntyre said he was the victim of domestic assault, she was then free of charges according to Wrestlinginc she also was released from the WWE.

WWE wrestling brings us back to our Hogan vs. Hogan fight, Hulk Hogan has not answered back or apologized to Linda yet, she once talked about his infidelities right after their divorce. The alleged mistress was one of her daughter’s friends Christiane Plante, that might explain why she began dating a guy so much younger, but not sure why Hulk is suing Linda over their son’s car accident see that over at Seattle Post.

Well we are going to have to wait a little to see how this match ends, who do you think will hit with the best blow? Check out the photos and video below.

Linda HoganLInda Hulk Hogan PhotosLinda Hogan BoyfriendHulk Hogan Girlfriend
Linda and Hulk Hogan Pictures

Photos: PNP, Chris Connor, David Livingston, Charlie Dunn, Judy Eddy, Apega

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