Most Dangerous Cities in America: CQ Press List of Dangerous Cities

November 27, 2010

The CQ Press list of dangerous cities was released in November 2010, based on FBI statistics. Their statistics for most dangerous cities in America are base on crime, robbery, rape, aggravate assault, Motor theft Vehicle, Burglary, and arson. Find out what cities you should never visit! Check out the list, photos, videos plus check what cities are the safest, and share your comments with us.

St. Louis, Missouri led the pack of most dangerous cities, replacing Camden New Jersey from the year before. St. Louis had 2,070.1 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. National average 429.4 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

The Statistics made from FBI data has a few changes from the list last year and citizens living here feared each day for themselves and their loved ones, they can no longer afford the risk to have a nice car, call too much attention with their clothes, jewelry, their homes that they have to pay with so many efforts and it might never sell in the market, but what cities are we talking about.

For years we have seen Kansas’ Morgan Quitno Press, later acquired by the GQ Press who since 2000 have included St. Louis in their Most dangerous cities in America. St Louis has been in the top four places ever since, second place in 2009 and top most dangerous city for the third time (2002, 2006). Can Camden, New Jersey, who was in first place last year breathe now? Not at all Camden is second most dangerous.

The FBI doesn’t agree with the statistics given by GQ Press.

“Each year when Crime in the United States is published, some entities use reported figures to compile rankings of cities and counties. These rough rankings provide no insight into the numerous variables that mold crime in a particular town, city, county, state, or region. Consequently, they lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analysis that often create misleading perceptions adversely affecting communities and their residents”. said the FBI

Here is the The CQ Press list of most dangerous cities in America based on FBI Statistics. As mentioned before, the ranking is based on murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.

FBI Most Dangerous Cities in America List

1. St Louis, MO. (381.62)
2. Camden, NJ (374.33)
3. Detroit, MI (356.44)
4. Flint, MI (310.31)
5. Oakland, CA (308.29)
6. Richmond, CA (287.15)
7. Cleveland, OH (260.60)
8. Compton, CA (260.13)
9. Gary, IN (250.48)
10. Birmingham, AL (244.83)
11. Baltimore, MD (241.64)
12. Memphis, TN (236.32)
13. New Orleans, LA (226.95)
14. Jackson, MS (218.91)
15. Little Rock, AR (213.99)
16. Baton Rouge, LA (205.59)
17. Buffalo, NY (202.43)
18. New Haven, CT (196.86)
19. Hartford, CT (192.15)
20. Dayton, OH (191.14)
21. Kansas City, MO (186.01)
22. Washington, DC (183.50)
23. Newark, NJ (182.29)
24. Cincinnati, OH (182.09)
25. Atlanta, GA (168.53)

Ranking first, St. Louis had 2,070.1 violent crimes per 100,000 residents while the national average is 429.4 per thousand.

Here is your 10 Most Safest Cities in America List, hopefully your city will be here.

1. Colonie, N.Y (82.49)
2. O’Fallon, Mo (82.05)
3. Ramapo, N.Y (81.16)
4. Mision Viejo, California (79.97)
5. Clarkstown, N.Y (76.17)
6. Amherst, N.Y (76.00)
7. Lake Forest, California (75.34)
8. Cary, N.C (74.76)
9. Newton, Mass (74.64)
10. Irvine, California (72.95)

Colonie, New York made it in the top place for the second time in a row, reports said that Colonie reported 91 crimes last year – their population is 75,000, while St. Louis reports 2,070. (P/ 100,000 population). Big cities like San Francisco (130) , New York (264th place), Los Angeles (158), Las Vegas (76). The cities whose reports were not given are Chicago, IL, Aurora, IL, Duluth, MN, Decatur, IL, Rochester, MN, Bloomington, MN, Elgin, IL, Joliet, IL, Naperville, IL, Springfield, IL, Peoria, IL.

Tell us what are your thoughts, concerns and statistics? Did your city make it on the list of most dangerous cities in America? Check the photos, videos below.

Most Dangerous Cities in America Video

Safest Cities in America Video
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    Most dangerous cities in America? How about anywhere with a Democrat governor?

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    Democrats? Nah, How about its anywhere that has blacks as a majority of the population. Animals!!

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    Where the majority of the population live on welfare . . .