DWTS: Bristol Palin Winner DWTS (Videos)

November 24, 2010

Tonight we find out the results! Will we see Bristol Palin, DWTS finale winner? It sure has been a controversial season and we never know what to expect. Get all the details, with more photos and videos of her below.

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The contestants left dancing are Kyle Massey of Disney, Jennifer Grey and of course Bristol Palin. I wish we could go by the scores or some sort of pattern to predict who will win. However season 11 always keeps us on our toes.

The winner is… Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing! Congrats to the season 11 winner!

In a shocker last week, Brandy was eliminated and kept out of the finale for DWTS. Bristol Palin has been the center of most of the controversy throughout as she maintains low scores, but never gets eliminated. I know I thought it wouldn’t last this long and now more people are worried what would happen is she did win tonight!

The producers even tried to smooth things over last week by trying to explain how the voting works. I think there big fear is that is Sarah Palin’s daughter wins the competition then the show will be seen as a joke. I mean she is obviously not the best dancer, but since the public gets to vote, it doesn’t always end up fair.

The favored to win would have to be Jennifer Grey and I would love to say I think she’s going to win, but we will have to wait until tonight to see. Check back later for a recap and the winner!

What do you think will happen at the finale of DWTS? Bristol Palin wins? Or does all the crazy voting go away and we see the best dancer take the title? What are your thoughts on this season? Be sure to leave me your comments after you check out these pictures and video of the possible winner!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Apega, FayesVision, JCA, Nikki Nelson

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