Tiffany Rivers: Philip Rivers’ Wife (Photos, Video)

November 23, 2010

Tiffany Rivers is San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers’ wife and mother of their children. What else do we know about Mrs. Rivers? When did she meet her husband? When did they get married? How many children do they have? Check out those and more interesting details in our Tiffany Rivers’ story plus check out the photos and video below.

Tiffany Rivers’ husband is the 28 year old QB from Decatur, Alabama. He is a North Carolina State University graduate, 2004 NFL Draft pick by the Charges and so well known for his high voltage temper that has gotten him so many times in the middle of controversy. His impressive performance at the Chargers game vs. the Broncos made headlines since he scored 4 touchdowns, for his wife that is no surprise she has seem him become the great player he is today before high school. But who is Tiffany Rivers? She is the woman who fell in love with him before high school, who knows her hubby more than anyone else and who knows that despite what everybody thinks about her hubby, she knows the soft side of him, that’s why she loves him for the sweet, loving and caring man he has always been. That kindness is a quality both of the Rivers have that motivated them to create Rivers of Hope Foundation where along with her hubby, Tiffany helps raise funds and awareness to foster children.

Tiffany Goodwin, her name before getting married, met her hubby while they both were in seventh grade, they were separated at high school but their relationship kept going strong even if they were attending different high schools who happened to have a rivalry.

After High school these young love birds were ready to spend the rest of their lives together and so it was that on May 19, 2001 and just after their freshman year of college Tiffany got married and became the new Mrs. Rivers. Soon a new role was going to come to her life and repeat itself four more times.

As a wife she did and continues to do a terrific job, always loving, caring and supportive over her husband, but as a mother of 4 this minivan super mommy is awesome!

Tiffany Rivers is the loving mommy of Halle, Caroline, Gracie and Sarah who was just born earlier this year, her baby boy is Philip. She sure is super Mom!

What else do you know about Tiffany Rivers? What do you think of this story? Check the photos and video below.

Tiffany Rivers Video
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