Jennifer Wester: Vince Neil’s Skating With The Stars’ Partner Biography (Photos, Video)

November 23, 2010

Meet the beautiful, talented Jennifer Wester. She is Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil’s partner on this new 2010 Skating With The Stars show on NBC. Find out more about this incredible figure skater, personal life, career plus check out the photos, video after the jump.

Jennifer Wester

Motley Crue bad boy Vince Neil is showing fans a side of him that not even he thought existed, we are all used to seeing him looking tough and having a stunning girl by his side, that last one is the only aspect we are used to seeing on him and we will continue to see on NBC’s new Skating With The Stars where he will be skating with this sculptural professional figure skater Jennifer Wester. See them training here.

25 year old Jennifer Nicole Wester was born on February 25, 1985 in Dallas, Texas. Her Skating career started by mistake or faith some might say, let me explain myself better. Jennifer was a silhouette Sports Shooter, don’t see the relation? Neither did I, but her father David found out that skating was a perfect technique to help her in her shooting skills so he sent his little 11 year old girl to get on her ice skates and enjoy the ice rink at the America’s Ice Gardens in Texas. Her dad competes at Sport Shooting events he also is president of the Custom made vessels company Prexter while her mother is a road rally runner, not sure if her big bro Chris is also an athlete.

Her coach was Monica Reyes who saw the potential in Jennifer and she found that skating was a beautiful and artistic way to express herself, plus she wasn’t that bad who knows maybe she was meant to skate, the same thing crossed the mind of coach Pierre Panayi who took her to continue her training in Italy and teamed up with Massimo Scali. She was training with coach Walter Rizzo and then switched to Nikoli Morozov and her current coaches are Pasquale Camerlengo and Anjelika Krylova.

Her previous skating partners have been Nick Hart (1998-99 at Junior level), Massimo Scali (2000-01 while she was still living in Italy), Trevor Bird (2002) and Jon Harris. Upon her return to the US in 2002 together they gained 3rd place at the Midwestern Sectionals. Their partnership ended after they placed 9th at the 2003 US Figure Skating Championships in Dallas.

That same year just a few months later she paired up with 28 year old Russian skater Daniil Barantsev. Their most important achievements have been their gold medal at the 2005 Midwestern Sectional Championships in the US and Bronze at the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships, in 2007 they won gold at the Midwestern Figure, Skating Championships, Nebelhorn Trophee, USA ISU World Championship Team. More gold medal at the 2008 Philadelphia Challenge Cup, USA ISU World Championship Team.

Jennifer and Daniil are not just skating partners they actually are husband and wife, they got married on May 6, 2006. Jennifer can speak Italian,German and Russian. She is a marketing graduate from Strayer University and now owns a construction and costume design company called Style & Confidence LLC. Jennifer and her hubby are part of the skating team at Dallas FSC. She got into the Eli Whitney program to help her get into Yale.

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Jennifer Wester Video

Photos: David W. Carmichael

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