Candice Johnson: Vince Young’s Girlfriend

November 22, 2010

Candice Johnson is the longtime girlfriend of Tennessee Titans Quarterback Vince Young. She is also his baby mama and a witness of the famous NFL QB’s meltdown. Keep reading to know more about Candice, their relationship, children, alleged flirt with another NFL player and more plus check out the photos and video below.

Candice Johnson’s boyfriend is the absolutely fantastic 32 year old QB for the Tennessee Titans. Born in Houston, Texas this Texas University graduate started to call attention ever since he was in High School, by the time he got into college he was awarded with the Pete Dawkins award and the awards kept coming, he was the center of controversy when Reggie Bush was getting ripped of his Heisman Award, Candice’s Mother in Law Felicia defended Reggie, now Young is again in the media’s headlines due to a meltdown that might send him off the team? Well that still is not confirmed, Candice hopes for the best after her beau is recovering from a tendon injury and a meltdown that ended with half his uniform in the stands when he threw it himself, what will happen?

We are going to keep an eye on that one, but first let’s check out this beautiful NFL WAG who met her other half ever since they were just a couple of teenagers at Madison High school in Texas where she became his girlfriend, they became inseparable and even decided to go to the same college at Texas University.

For a while we didn’t hear anything about Candice Johnson, some wondered if the high school sweethearts were still together around 2006 and 2007, we finally found out that in fact they were no longer dating – some said they still were dating, not sure what she was doing, but he was allegedly becoming a new daddy with a woman named Fancy, well fancy this a paternity test revealed that Candice’s ex was not the father of the baby girl, in no time he was looking for his true love, our girl Candice.

We assume that everything was going on the right track between them, but reports said that Candice had been allegedly flirting and even saying that she has been all over Kansas Chief’s Linebacker Derrick Johnson some said that it was her payback, while others heavily criticized her.

“Candice was there with her girls, but as soon as Derrick came by – she ignored them and was all over [Derrick]. She embarrassed herself and [Vince]…” another comment about Candice flirting was “Why is this chick at another footballer’s party bopping like the rest of the chicks there and making in rain (with Vince’s money of course).”

Well, not sure what happened with that flirt issue, but Candice was soon named to be the QB’s fiancĂ©e and plans for a wedding were made after the 2008 season, we still haven’t heard anything about them getting married, but we did hear that Candice was pregnant with the couple’s first child this June.

Jordan Young, Candice and her NFL stud’s baby boy was born in July 2010, see this gorgeous baby here.

Check out Candice Johnson’s photos and video below and don’t forget to leave all of your comments about this story.

Candice Johnson Young 1Candice Johnson 1
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2 Responses to “Candice Johnson: Vince Young’s Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    TFrazier Says:

    Candice is his girlfriend however he has two other children one in Tenn and another one in Houston with a close friend of mine. He doesnt put these kids in the limelight but if you ask he is always honest. I have known them both for years wish them the best but also wish for her to wake up and realize what it is.

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    You are Awesome, Thanks so much for taking the time with your comment and all that helpful information.