Fabyola Machida: MMA Lyoto Machida’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 20, 2010

Fabyola Machida is Brazilian MMA fighter Lyoto Machida’s wife. She will be an important figure you might want to know more about since her husband is the main card on UFC 123. Keep reading to know there is about this stunning MMA WAG’s life, her children, marriage and check out the photos, video below.

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Fabyola Machida’s husband is the 32 year old MMA fighter born in Salvador, Brazil. His unique and effective fighting techniques have been the main object of criticism but also of great admiration among colleges, fans, commentators and certainly his lovely wife Fabyola who without a doubt will be sitting in the front row at the The Palace of Auburn Hills where he fights Rampage Jackson at UFC 123, like always she will be giving giving him all of her love, support and I can think that prayers as well no doubt, but as the caring wife and mother Fabyola’s prayers are always in her heart.

Sometimes you might wonder how difficult it must be to be married to a MMA fiighter or a boxer, it must break any wife’s heart to see their beloved husbands getting seriously beaten, Fabyola is probably among them, her hubby has come up with a plan to compensate the suffering of Fabyola, just before a fight he takes a week off to be just with her and their son.

Fabyola became Mrs. Machida in 2004 and a mommy to her gorgeous son Lyoto on September, 2008. She has been and continues to be a constant support to her hubby, she got a bit concerned when she had witnessed his emotions overflowing when it comes to winning a title or during that controversial fight against Shogun Rua, he was really a mess had a pretty hard time, counseling and the whole thing, Fabyola once commented about that.

“Lyoto refuses to make love to me unless I cover my legs with blankets and the background on his laptop is an image of Shogun with photoshopped bruises on his legs and tears in his eyes”.

But Mrs. Machida, a graduate in Physical Education, knows her hubby too well, after all they knew each other since they were 15 years old and has come to know how to get to him and let him know how much she loves and supports him. She even supported his weird decision to integrate urine therapy into his daily routine, (I mean she must love him a lot, accepting the fact that your hubby drinks his morning urine every day doesn’t sound too pretty), but it is OK for her.

Fabyola takes care of office duties at her hubby’s Academia APAM Machida in Brazil when she is not cheering for her hubby or taking care of her son Tayo who is now two years old and about to become a big brother, did you know she is pregnant? Well pregnant or just given birth to another baby bother due month was November. You can see some pictures of them here.

Well maybe she won’t be at his fight for a while, but we can check out the photos and video below and maybe you can share your comments and additional informational about Fabyola Machida with us.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Rachel Worth.

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