College TV Shows From Felicity to Glory Daze

November 20, 2010

Do you have a favorite college TV show? There are a bunch of shows out there targeting young adults, but which ones are a hit and which ones are close, but no cigar? Keep reading below for a look at past shows and the ones still trying, with pictures and videos too.

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Since young people watch a lot of television, networks have always tried to produce different series that relate to their lives. And that is why we see so many programs set in universities, even though many don’t do so well.

Let’s start several years back and look back at some of the older classics. Some that immediately pop into my head are “Felicity” and “Saved By The Bell: The College Years.” Both of these shows started in high school and we followed the casts to their universities. While “Felicity” which is the 90’s version of “Gossip Girl,” did very well, SBTB only lasted 9 months.

The shows you can catch now include “Greek,” “Gossip Girl,” and the new “Glory Daze.” The upper east side girls and guys have graduated and are now adjusting to their campus style lives. The other two shows started in that time frame and focus on the sorority and fraternity lifestyles.

The four (or more) years after high school are always an interesting and usually entertaining time, so it is obvious why there are so many shows that try to capture this on the small screen. Do you find that you can relate to the characters, or that they are out of touch with reality? Why do you suppose so many college TV shows fail? Check out these photos and video and then leave me your educated guesses as to what’s going on. Also let me know if I missed mentioning any of your favorite series.

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Photos: Beiny, Patricia Schlein, Dan Jackman, Apega

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One Response to “College TV Shows From Felicity to Glory Daze”

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    Melanie Says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Felicity was nothing like Gossip Girl and the first five minutes of the first ever episode are the only time Felicity is ever seen in high school. Sometimes I hate the internet for giving people like you a platform to express yourself upon.