Jennifer Lee Riojas: Carter-Riverside Teacher Biography (Photos, Video)

November 15, 2010

Jennifer Lee Riojas is the young Science Teacher from Texas who is now the latest teacher involved in an alleged teacher/ Student sex relationship. But who really is Jennifer Riojas? When did she start this alleged illegal relationship with her student? Are there other students she has allegedly been sleeping with? What about the alleged abusing of a student at a hospital? Was she Arrested? Was she fired from her job? Is there a sex video of her? Keep reading to know all the outrageous details behind this story plus check out the photos and video after the jump.

Jennifer Lee Riojas

The most controversial news around the world comes when there are children involved, these kind of stories become viral and are the ones that people keep a closer look into. Children trust the grownups with whom they relate at home and at school in this case their teachers, this trust grows all the way to graduation, teenagers are not children but they are still minors they also trust their teachers, they see in them a friend sometimes these friends became way too friendly and this when the case of teachers having a romantic and sexual relationship with their underage students begins until it gets too overwhelming for these young girls and boys to handle and they confess.

We have seen several stories of teachers getting involved with their students for quite some time, today a young teacher named Jennifer Lee Riojas is hopefully the last teacher to add herself to the list of infamous professionals.

Jennifer Lee Riojas was born on November 20, 1984 making her age 25 years old until tomorrow when she will celebrating her birthday, behind bars??

She could have been if she hadn’t paid the $20,000 fine she got when she was arrested on Thursday November 18, 2010 by the Forth Worth Police, she was released the same day after paying her bond.

Mrs. Riojas used to work at a law firm in Texas where she served as financial consultant until August 2009 when she became the new Science teacher at Carter-Riverside High School in Forth Worth, Texas. it was there where she allegedly started a sexual relationship with two of her 10th grade students, one of these two 16 year old boys was a football player who is now 17 years old (B. August 16, 1993) and whose name would not be revealed, started to be very close, they would eat lunch together, Riojas attended his football games, she visited him at the hospital when he was injured during a game last December and it was in his hospital bed where he confessed of having sex with her for the first time. The other encounters took place at hotel rooms where she used discount coupons near the Northeast Mall area, police revealed that in fact Ms. Riojas paid for a room on Dec. 10 at the Hurst Hotel and once again on Jan. 28.

When The district’s Office of Professional Standards heard the rumors of their teacher getting involved with two of their students they accused her, Jennifer Lee Riojas resigned from her job at Carter Riverside High on October 21, according to her resignation letter her decision wasn’t out of guilt.

“I am resigning after careful thought due to increased stress on my health and pregnancy because of current working conditions, “I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me by FWISD. I do not believe that at this stage in my life, secondary education is my calling.”

School officials informed Police on October 19th, they interviewed the student involved the following day; see official police report here.

Other students at the school said they once asked the teenage student about their alleged affair, but he just laughed. This just got students more certain that something indeed was going on between them, other students said that Jennifer’s wardrobe at school was provocative.

Jennifer denied any of the accusations about her to be true, did I mention she is pregnant? Well that was the main concern for the 17 year old boy to confess, he thinks that Jennifer’s baby could be his. Until now it is unknown who the father of her baby is.

“I cannot omit the fact that my pregnancy is something that has been questioned. I don’t want high school gossip (which is entirely false) to be a cause of stress for me.” said Jennifer Riojas.

Her neighbors said to media that she appeared to be starting the second trimester of her pregnancy, they could not contact her nor could they contact the 17 year old’s family, the other student who allegedly slept with her as well or The school’s principal. Until investigations continue it is unknown the future for Jennifer, but if she is found guilty her teaching days will be over.

What do you think about this story? What do you think about her? The School? What would be your message for Ms. Lee Riojas? Check out Jennifer’s mugshot picture from an alleged previous DUI arrest and videos below.

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Jennifer Lee Riojas Video
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