Yuki Jackson: MMA Rampage Jackson’s Wife (photos, video)

November 20, 2010

Yuki Jackson is a beautiful and famous name in the Mixed Martial Arts world, she is MMA Quinton Rampage Jackson’s wife and mother of their children, she is certainly a popular celebrity and Sports WAG we will be keeping an eye on at UFC 123, but what else do we know about her? When did she meet her hubby? When did they get married? Separated and back together again? How many children do they have? Why did she leave her husband? Check out all the details about Mrs. Yuki Jackson in our story and don’t miss the photos and video after the jump.

Yuki Jackson

Yuki Jackson’s 32 year old hubby is a popular MMA fighter and Hollywood actor, he starred as B. A. Baracus next to Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel in the 2010 film A-Team. His MMA career almost 11 yeas ago holds a record of 38 fights, his last win was last year at UFC 93 vs. Keith Jardine becoming this his 30 victory and added his 8th loss at UFC 114 vs. Rashad Evans. His next fight will be Kyoto Lishoda from Brazil at UFC 123 in Michigan, I wonder if Yuki will be there? They are back together, right?

Well you sure know that Yuki Jackson is from Japan, mother of four well actually two biological children and stepmother to her hubby’s children from another relationship, while she adored the four of them D’Angelo and Raja are her husband’s children from two other relationships, which brings us to remember that when Raja his youngest appeared into her life in 2006 it was not a pleasant moment not because of the child but the fact that she was betrayed, after a blood test proved his paternity and the 100% fact that he cheated on her with another woman back in 2000, she left him and reconciled some time after. Today they all live together so this is how Yuki is the super mommy of four or Mama-San as friends call her (most of her hubby’s gym buddies call her Mama-San) in harmony and enjoy their lives as a big, rare but loving family at their house in California.

By the time she was a newly engaged woman living in Irvine, California in 2005 she met her hubby’s son D’Angelo (the boy’s mother is a woman the fighter met while he was at college, they separated soon after), but during the time they were together she gave birth to their son, during her pregnancy she allegedly did drugs and the reason why D’Angelo became under his father’s custody in 2005, a very quiet kid, luckily with time and tremendous love from Yuki and her husband he is a happy kid and is very close to both of them, just like he is to his half brother Raja who is about his age (between 10-11) and Yuki ‘s children, her son Elijah and gorgeous daughter Naname Nakia the little ones.

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