Erin Barry: Brent Barry’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

November 18, 2010

Meet Erin Barry she is former San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets Brent Barry’s Wife, but is she also Tony Parker’s mistress as other sites have alleged? Is Erin the wife of the Spurs’ teammate whose text messages were found by Eva Longoria? How long has she been married? Has any children? How old is she? What did the alleged text messages say? Was she really close to Longoria? Keep reading to get all the details behind this shocking rumor or is it not a rumor anymore? Who really is Erin Barry? Check out her biography, photos, video and share all of your thoughts about her and this story after the jump.

erin barry
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Erin Barry’s name came up year after year in the world of sports, after all she and her husband hosted the Spurs’ 5k run/walk every year well ever since they moved to Houston in 2004. Check that out here.

It is nice to see that she takes some of her time to help others, she is considered by many one of the best Spurs’ WAGS, fans of Barry and the Spurs were not too happy, but shocked to hear the news that was revealed on November 16th, 2010 when Tony Parker’s divorce to wife, Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria due to his alleged infidelities – not just the ones rumored back a few years ago when they just had gotten married which she confirmed to be true, but also his recent alleged way too personal texting with one of his former Spurs teammate’s wife who media is rumoring to be Erin Barry.

Oh My! As hard to believe as it sounds the alleged hundreds of text messages that they have sent each other for the past year and that were found by Mrs. Parker, no news about what did the alleged texts said either. Radaronline tried to talk to Erin’s brother Casey who said that when they were ready to talk about that they will contact the media, Access Hollywood said Erin was crying when she said no comment about the alleged affair. But it was rumored that the Barrys are also filing for divorce. Her father in-law talked about that and then we knew that Erin’s hubby was the one who filed for divorce on October 29 citing irreconcilable differences just like the Parkers.

“I feel horrible for my son. I’m in shock. I knew [Erin] was moving out of the house soon and SHE was the one that filed for divorce. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back.[Brent] is going to be devastated. I can’t even imagine him going through this … the divorce was hard enough news.”

That doesn’t sound good. Check a picture of the couples together here. Is it just me or does Erin and Eva look alike?

37 years old Erin was born to a teenage single mother who gave her up for adoption, she was lucky to get adopted by an Irish/Polish family who later made Erin the big sister of her three siblings, she grew up near San Francisco where she attended a Catholic all- girls school in Concord while her soon to be hubby attended the Catholic all- boys school across the street. After they got to know each other and became really good friends they decided to go out for a date.

They started dating the day that they went on a date to the theater where they watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation which was released in 1989 and Erin was just 16 years old. After High School Erin got a degree in English Literature, but it is not sure what college she attended, she once planned to go to Oregon University. They got married on July 25th 1998 in San Francisco. Her sons are Quinn Barry born September 8, 2001 and Cade Barry born on January 9, 2004. Erin started to help and then became a member of several charities like Cook County Juvenile Court, Court Appointed Special Advocate Case Worker, Childhaven Volunteer, Member of the steering committee for the Heart Gallery of San Antonio, Member of the St. PJ’s Board, Bexar County Child Welfare Board, Member of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Child Abuse, Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. All of her work didn’t go unnoticed which is why she was awarded on 2003 as the Childhaven Volunteer of the Year two years later The Kids –exchange gave her the It Takes Two Award, on 2007 she received the Dr. Dale Wood Award by the Healthy Families and U.S Congressional Awards for Angels in Adoption. This year the Prensa Foundation named her the recipient of their Humanitarian of the Year Award and Citizen of the Year by the Texas National Association of Social Worker.

When she was not helping other Erin would be at home cooking Italian Food for her hubby, who she once said.

“After all these years, he’s my best friend. I want to be with him all the time. People always talk about how hard marriage is, and I’m asking myself, ‘Is it me? Is there something I’m not doing right?’ Because for me, being married to Brent isn’t hard at all!”

What do you think about this story, do you think the rumors about her and Parker are true? what can you tell us about Erin? What would you tell her if you could talk to her? Check out the photos and video below.

Erin Barry Video
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5 Responses to “Erin Barry: Brent Barry’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    j Says:

    I feel bad for Erin. Shes making a huge mistake. Getting restless and bored. She changed her whole and there is no going back. WHen this is all said and done she going to wish she had Brent…but if he is smart, he will be long gone.

  2. 2
    de la salle Says:

    Brent went to De La Salle HIgh School and next door is the all girls school, Carondelet High School, that his ex wife attended.

  3. 3
    Lee Says:

    Whatever good Erin accomplished is now gone forever in the wake of this scandal. The sad part is she obviously knew better and did it anyway. My ex husband did the same kind of sexting to someone he called only a longstanding friend. I left him twelve years ago although he wanted to reconcile. I have been happily married for ten years to a man of great integrity and my ex husband is bitter and alone. Erin, maybe the excuse you could use is it was in your original genes but that may be an unknid cut. Tony already cheated on his wife once and Eva should have left him at that time. Once a cheater always a cheater. At any rate Erin your children are going to be the ones that really suffer and don’t ever try to justify yourself as you and Tony deceived and hurt your spouses terribly. You can cry all you want dear but you and Tony have tarnished your lives forever and you will just have to deal with the behind your back snickers and mistrust.

  4. 4
    Miriam Says:

    I totally agree with you Lee, what great things she has done for so many people yet she forgot the good things more important are the ones you do in your family.

  5. 5
    ecama Says:

    Erin n parker hv rily hurt pipl they love plus d world.its rily sad cos I love eva.