Brandy Halladay: Roy Halladay’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 17, 2010

Brandy Halladay is NL Cy Award Winner and Philadelphia Phillies’ pitcher Roy “Cop” Halladay’s beautiful wife. Find out more about Brandy, her family, children, photos, video after the jump.

Brandy Halladay

Brandy Halladay’s husband has been recently awarded with the National Leagues CY award, he won the American League’s CY Award in 2003 and he will replace Evan Longoria on the cover of the 2K Sports’ video game Major League Baseball 2K11. His second CY Award will look great next to Brandy’s American Quarter Horse Association Rookie of the Year trophy she received a few years back, didn’t you know that Mrs. Halladay is an amazing and passionate horse rider? Back in 2008 she possessed a few three quarter horses and has been a regular competitor at the Western and English riding disciplines. She has more time to ride during the off season when they go to their home in Odessa, Florida where she used to ride at the Showcase Farm in Lutz.

But riding horses is not what makes this fabulous MLB WAG so great, she is a loving, supportive wife, we found two different stories about how they met. The first one is that they met back in the late 90’s in Palm Harbor, at the time she was Brandy Gates who saw him lifting weights, he didn’t tell her he was a baseball player but a plumber, that day she gave him her phone number since he was too shy to ask for it, that same day she knew she was going to marry that handsome, shy guy. The second one is that they met in Colorado at age 9, Brandy was his sister’s best friend, but Brandy’s family relocated their homes several times and when high school time came she moved to Chicago. They reconnected after high school when they started dating, which of these two is the right story of the begging of their relationship? Anyone?

A few times they were married, unlike her hubby who is shy, smart and quiet Brandy is jovial, outgoing, clever and funny, she didn’t waste any time searching for information about depression when he once allegedly told her he would jump off a window or get lost, when it comes to organizing an event they would raise funds for any of the many charities they both are involved with, Brandy Hallaway sure is a superwoman, super-wife and super-mommy.

Her sons are Braden (10), born August 14, 2000 and Ryan David (6), born October 7, 2004. Her eldest Braden is already a true Philly fan who knows he might follow in his daddy’s footsteps.
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Photos: Hugh Dillon

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