Alyssa Shouse: Overnight Celebrity (Interview, Photos, Video)

November 16, 2010

I had the tremendous pleasure and honor to interview the new Pop singing sensation, discovered by the fabulous Jason Derulo, the one and only Alyssa Shouse. Find out all you want to know about this kind, beautiful and very gifted young talent, check out the amazing photos and her awesome single Overnight Celebrity Video plus share all of your comments, thoughts, questions and messages to Ms. Shouse below.

Alyssa Shouse

When and where were you born?
Alyssa Shouse: I was born May 24th 1995 in Maryland.

RF: Who are your parents and your siblings?
AS: I have 2 parents, and 5 siblings.

RF: What was your childhood like?
AS: My Childhood was really fun. I had a lot of siblings to play with everyday so I was never bored.

RF: Do you remember when you knew that you wanted to be a singer?
AS: I knew I wanted to be a singer when I was about 8. I had always loved to sing, and that year they started school talent shows. I did the talent show and realized I really want to be a singer. That was also the year of American Idol season 1 and that made me want to be a singer too because I loved what they were doing.

RF: Besides singing, do you plan to go to college?
AS: In the future, I may go to college. I think having a college education is important too.

RF: If yes? What do you plan to study?
AS: I’m not exactly sure right now, but definitely something with music.

RF: Do you have any person who you consider a role model? Why?
AS: Michael Jackson is my role model, inspiration and hero. But he is really an amazing role model and person to look up to. If everyone followed his message this world would be a better place.

RF: How did kids at school react when they knew you got discovered by Jason Derulo?
AS: Well, when he discovered me it was over the summer, so I wasn’t actually in school. But, word got around Facebook and people started texting me and sending me messages. Everyone was really happy and excited for me.

RF: How did you get discovered?
AS: Jason Derulo discovered me on youtube. I had been posting covers of songs on there and posted a cover of his song “Blind.” Jason ended up seeing it and sending me a youtube message about it.

RF: Do you have any favorite song from your album?
AS: I don’t have an album, but I do have a single called “Overnight Celebrity”. One step at a time, and hopefully an album in the future.

RF: Besides Michael Jackson, what other singer would you like to sing with?
AS: Michael Jackson is the number one person I would want to sing with. But, If I had to pick someone else I’d pick Beyonce, or Celine Dion. I love the singers with really powerful voices. I think it would be fun to sing with Justin Bieber too.

RF: Do you have any favorite food? Vacation? Movie? Book? Other singers?
AS: I love spaghetti and when I go out I always get the chicken ceaser salad. Every year in the summer we go to Ocean City for our vacation. My favorite movie would have to be Baby Mama, I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I don’t have a favorite book at the moment. My favorite singers are Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and of course Jason Derulo. I listen to those artists most of the time.

RF: Have any pets?
AS: I don’t have any pets. Our family had a dog, but she recently passed at the end of July.

RF: What inspires you?
AS: Listening to other singers music inspires me. Also, reading the stories of how people got to where they are is really inspiring.

RF: What makes you angry?
AS: When there’s a note you want to sing, but you just can’t hit it.

RF: Do you have a boyfriend?

RF: Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
AS: Outgoing, Sarcastic, Short, Singing, Music

RF: What would be the message you want to tell fans through your music?
AS: Right now, I want the message of my music to be that anythings possible. I want it to give people hope that they can do it too. I’d love to have songs that follow in what Michael Jackson did. I want my music to have meaning with what it says in the way he did.

RF: Where do you see yourself in five years?
AS: In five years I see myself still doing music. By then I hope to have an album, and it would be awesome to win some award.

RF: If you could have superpowers besides that super talent you already have, what would it be, you can choose 2?
AS: I’d want invisibility and flying. I think it would be super cool to walk around without people seeing you or knowing you’re there. Flying would be cool too because you could get places faster.

Thanks so very much to Alyssa for the time and to the great and fabulous Jason Derulo’s Management Company for making this wonderful experience a reality. Don’t miss Alyssa Shouse’s photos, video and tell us all of your thoughts about this interview? Would you like to ask her some questions yourself, send her a message?

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Alyssa Shouse’s Overnight Celebrity Video
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