Erin Suisham: Shaun Suisham’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 16, 2010

Meet the fabulous Erin Suisham, she is Pittsburgh Steelers new addition Shaun Suisham’s wife, but what else do you know about Erin? Where did they meet? When? Where is she from? Any children? When did they get married? How old is she? Keep reading to know all of the answers plus check out the photos, video and give us all your thoughts about it.

Erin Suisham’s terrific husband is the 28 year old Canadian placekicker who started his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005, the same team that five years later signed him as part of their squad on November 16th, 2010. His other teams have been the Cowboys (2006, 2009), 49ers and the Redskins in 2006, Browns and Rams in 2010. After so many teams and so many states Erin’s hubby still didn’t have a job, he even tried his luck with the New England Patriots, but he just got a thank you for your time and was sent home. Things were not looking so good for the Suishams, but good news was coming soon, Erin never lost the faith that a new and better opportunity was just around the corner she always knew her hubby’s talent was going to be a hit any day now, she was right, wasn’t she?

28 year old Erin Croley from Ohio went to Bowling Green State University also known as BGSU located in Bowling Green, Ohio where she met her soon to be hubby and where she used to be part of the cross country team, after he was drafted in 2005 they decided to get engaged, she became the new Mrs. Suisham on February 25, 2006. Two years later in 2008 when Erin joined her hubby when he hosted the football camp for kids “Kicking It For Kids” in his natal Ontario where Erin’s family also flew in from Ohio to help them out, but they didn’t expect the happy news their beloved daughter was waiting to give them, she was pregnant. See them on that special day here. Her baby daughter Sienna is almost three years old, and she is adorable!

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