Tammy Reid: Andy Reid’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 16, 2010

Tammy Reid is Philadelphia Eagles’ Andy Reid’s beloved wife, mother of their sons Spenser, Garrett, Britt and daughters Drew Ann and Crosby. Life hasn’t been easy for Tammy, her sons’ legal trouble has broken her heart, How has she survived her family’s tragedies? Who really is Tammy Reid? How did she meet her husband? When? When did they get married? Keep reading to know all the answers you are looking for about Mrs. Reid’s life plus check out the photos, video and enlighten us with your point of view.

Tammy Reid’s husband is the 52 year old Californian coach who for the past 11 years has been the Philadelphia Eagles’ amazing and dear coach. With a successful coaching career filled with awards and recognition of a career that started in 1982 when he was his University’s (Brigham Young) student assistant followed by his years as offensive line coach (1983-1996) where he worked with San Francisco, Arizona, Missouri, Texas and the Green Bay Packers. In 1997 he was named the Packer QB coach until finally going to his dear team, the Eagles in 1999, with a tremendous career and a beautiful family along with his amazing wife Tammy nobody thought the terrible things that would haunt their happy lives.

Tammy didn’t expect it to get that bad, they were aware their two oldest sons were having a hard time but in 2007 Garret, 23 at the time and Brit, 21 were separately involved in car accidents, Garret was charged with alleged possession of drugs (heroin, steroids and controlled pills found on his cell the day of his sentence). Britt allegedly pointed a gun at another driver, a gun that he was carrying without a license plus possession of prescription drugs in West Conshohocken, both of Tammy’s boys were sentenced to 23 months at Graterford Prison in Pennsylvania. Garret was sent back last year when he allegedly failed his drug test and got into a fight at a halfway house. Britt on the other hand completed his 15 month drug program he also took a job at a catering company, coaches football at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School and attends Montgomery County Community College. The Reids’ home once was allegedly referred as Drug Emporium but it is starting to see the light after so many struggles over the past years.

Tammy has been married for over 29 years. She met her husband while both were at BYU, mother of five gorgeous children Garrett (26), Britt (24), Crosby (22), Drew Ann (21) and Spencer (15), all five born in different states. Tammy is highly involved in raising funds for high school sports teams, she once founded Love of a Cure where she sold her jewelry to raise funds for her son’s high school football team, which proved to be a total success so a few years after she created Everything Bling that besides giving others stylish bling, raised funds for other high school sports teams.

What can you tell us about this story and about Mrs. Reid? Would you like to send Tammy a message? Check the photos and video below.

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