Jackie Garcia: Sean Taylor’s Ex-Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

November 16, 2010

Jackie Garcia is a name that we last heard of almost three years ago, when tragedy struck the world of sports. Sean Taylor, her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, was brutally murdered. Today three years after that terrible loss shattered her world Jackie is smiling again, she just got married to one of N.E.R.D’s singers, Who is her husband? What else do we know about Jackie Garcia? How old is her daughter Jackie? Check out the rest of this story plus take a look at the photos, video and share your comments with us.

Jackie’s name is said by some to be Jacqueline Mofett while other people call her Jackie Garcia, from now on she will be known as N.E.R.D’s Shay Haley’s wife as Jackie tied the knot on Saturday November 13th, 2010 in Miami. We are all very happy for them, specially for her to see that pretty smile on her face is priceless, a smile that for years everybody was hoping to see, but that Jackie thought might never get to see herself.

In 2007 that pretty smile that Sean Taylor, a young, athletic and amazing guy from Miami, thought was the prettiest he has seen in his life, apparently they met at Gulliver Prep School in Miami-Dade county, it is very confusing how or when exactly they met, but they sure were in love during those seven years they dated, during that time Jackie was known as The awesome soon to be Washington Redskins’ safety girlfriend and mother of their baby girl Jackie, soon she was also referred to as his fiancĂ©e.

Jackie Garcia’s daughter Jackie M. Taylor was born in May, 2006 and just eighteen months later on November 27, 2007 when her daddy was brutally murdered, both of them were at the house when four suspects broke into their home at Palmetto Bay. Awakened by the noise they remained in the room while Sean went outside, that was the last time they saw him on his feet, he was severely injured, Jackie made a 911 call from a cell phone and he was rushed to the hospital, but didn’t make it and died the following day. He died as the hero who defended his family with his life, it was because of him both Jackies are alive, this same statement was given by Garcia’s famous uncle actor Andy Garcia who referred to the late Safety as a hero.

“We will always remember him as a caring and loving individual, especially to his new family.”

A year after
his death, we saw Jackie again, the expression on her face showed the same sorrow she had in 2007, her eyes seemed lost in the memories with every possession her lost love once had and that on that day it was being auctioned to create a fund for her two year old daughter.

Jacqueline Garcia and her sister Carolina have been and will always be their father Rene Garcia’s little girls, her father is the actor’s older brother and son of Rene and Amelie Garcia, Jackie’s grandparents. Jackie Garcia was a fantastic soccer player ever since she was in high school and she was a Gulliver Prep All-State midfielder, plus in her senior year she was named 1A-4A Player of the Year. After High School graduation Jackie went to the University of Miami where she was studying Liberal Arts and where she joined the Miami Hurricanes soccer team on 2002.

From 2002 until the 2004 season Jackie became a well known, powerful and fearless player, but a knee injury put her off the team in 2004, she left the Hurricanes the following year.

It took Jackie a lot of time to allow her heart to heal, her lovely daughter was a tremendous factor to that recovery, her family and friends as well. We are overjoyed to see her embracing life and happiness once again.

What can you tell us about Jackie Garcia? Would you like to send her a message? Check the photos and video below.

Jackie Garcia Video
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One Response to “Jackie Garcia: Sean Taylor’s Ex-Girlfriend (Photos, Video)”

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    Monica Says:

    Calling her his “ex-girlfriend” is disgusting, considering that the only reason their relationship “ended” was because he was murdered.