Evolution of Men’s Grooming: From Stone Age to Metrosexuals

November 13, 2010

Through the years, the evolution of men’s grooming techniques have produced many different styles that are worn today. From the invention of styling tools and products males have used them to either achieve a cleaner or messier look. Want to see how things have changed through the years? Be sure to keep reading for the full story, with more photos and videos below.

Evolution of Men  s Grooming  1 Evolution of Men  s Grooming  3

This whole thing starts back in the Stone Age when men sharpen flint or seashells to remove unwanted hair. Since then there has been the introduction of the white status wigs, deodorant and other products, and then celebrities who set the trend.

We have all seen a photo, movie or television program that shows fashion from the past. Though this is the age of technology, back then is when the first ideas of styling were born and made into actual objects. Now we are just improving on those ideas. Let’s take a look at the more modern evolution of men’s grooming practices.

Ever since the introduction of movies, people have looked to the famous faces, an usually they set the trend for style. At first the fashion was very clean cut and proper, thanks to the recent inventions that allowed one to keep up the look. Then around the 50’s the messy look became a fad and people would actually spend time to look like they just got out of bed.

As time went on many different types of styling became popular at the same time. We saw hippies, then the 5 o’clock shadow, and of course not long after, the metrosexual look! David Beckham was a big factor in this style with his well manicured hair and perfectly put together ensembles. Other than these, don’t forget the bowl cut hair and also big sideburns (thanks Elvis!).

Nowadays there is a melting pot of looks in the world. What are your favorites? And what are some oldies that I have forgotten about? Check out these pictures and video, then leave me your comments about the evolution of men’s grooming below!

Evolution of Men  s Grooming  1 Evolution of Men  s Grooming  3 Evolution of Men  s Grooming  2 Evolution of Men  s Grooming  5 Evolution of Men  s Grooming  4

Photos: www.wenn.com/Nikki Nelson, Carrie Devorah

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