Tessa Marquardt: MMA Nate Marquardt’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 13, 2010

Meet Tessa Marquardt she is MMA Nate Marquardt’s beautiful wife. She has been keeping a low profile since like forever and still has managed to become a constant figure in his fights, Would she be at UFC 122? We are going to wait on that one, but that won’t stop us from searching for details about her now. Keep reading to find out who really is Tessa Marquardt, check out her photos, videos and delight us with your comments.

Tessa Marquardt

Tessa Marquardt’s husband is fighting Yushin Okami on November 13, 2010 at UFC 122, he is replacing Vitor Belfort who is recovering from an injury. Mr. Marquardt is 31 years old from Wyoming, he started his MMA career in 1999 and arrived at the UFC in 2005, that same year he received a five month suspension after testing positive for steroids. With a grand total of 41 fights in his MMA career, 30 victories, 2 draws and 9 losses, would he add number 32 to his record? Tessa definitely thinks so, she has been by his side in every fight, her support and love is one of his biggest weapons, why a weapon? Easy peasy when any trouble comes to anyone’s life it is the love, support and trust in your loved ones that help you through that, so for him his amazing talent and his family is what has made him “The Great” fighter and man he is. But let’s not waste any more time and let’s meet this supporting, pretty lovely and stunning MMA WAG.

This stunning 26 year old Latina studied at Broomfield High school in Broomfield, Colorado where she graduated in 2002. Although she has done some college studies what she feels passion for is photography, her family and God, which can be just how she would describe as her perfect day going for a ride on her bike with her family, having a picnic taking some beautiful pictures, get home to watch fights with family and friends, delight everyone’s appetite with her remarkable cooking expertise and at the end of the day thank God for all the blessings he has given and continues to give her each day.

Tessa Ann Horta now Marquardt has been married to her MMA stud for over 5 years now, their wedding was in August 2004 at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Arvada, Colorado, they spent their honeymoon in Mexico. These days she is a full time mommy well actually she has been ever since she got married, to her gorgeous 10 year old stepdaughter Emmalie from her hubby’s previous relationship, Em became the big sister of Tessa and her hubby’s first baby Macaiah Ann Marquardt who was born at 11:38 a.m on May 18, 2010 (weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces). Having a little baby at home would not allow her to be in the corner at her hubby’s fight, something that he is gong to miss terribly.

“With the baby being born, this is the first time she won’t be in the arena with me. Tessa’s been to all my fights. She’s traveled to Japan with me and all over the world, so it will be weird not having her there, but I know she’ll be with me in my mind and in my heart. She’s always with me.”

But it is not just the fights that Tess has been involved with, she is highly involved in his fighting center at Colorado High Altitude Martial Arts, she also likes to watch movies, although her decision on what movies does she consider her favorite changes constantly except for Amelie, which is her favorite, loves music by Johnny Cash, Missy Higgins, Rolling Stones, Aesop Rock to name a few, plus she enjoys playing Texas Holdem.

Tessa Marquardt is a funny, loving, kind, strong and loving woman who adds her name to our favorite Sports WAG list, we totally love her and her beloved family.

Share your comments about her with us, what do you think of her? What other things can you tell us to contribute to our story? Would you like to send her a message? Check the photos and video below.

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