Serial Celebrity Daters And Recent Breakups Oh My!

November 12, 2010

Hollywood relationships are always interesting! So let’s take a look at some serial celebrity daters and recent breakups some have had. Want all the juicy details? Keep reading below for more, with great photos and videos!

Serial Celebrity Daters  1

There are all different kinds of celebrities and that is why we see so many different kinds of romantic pairings. We also see people deal with singleness, especially after a split, differently. Well for many they try to play the field as much as they can!

Who would you consider a lifetime pursuer of men or women who can’t seem to make one stick? Let’s just throw a few names out there. How about Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod, of the New York Yankees. Oh yes he’s gorgeous, but since his divorce in ’08 he has been seen with several different leading women.

Other than David Arquette’s Jasmine Waltz, some stars that have been known to date around in Hollywood include John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. They always seem to be in the news listed as serial celebrity daters, and recent breakups they have make headlines.

A lot of times we see this kind of behavior after a big split, either from marriage or just a serious relationship. So who has recently parted ways that may become a bachelor or bachelorette for a while?

Well we all know after a crazy fall Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth called it off and got back together several times. Now it looks as though they are apart again. Are rebounds in their future? Other broken hearts belong to Rachel Weisz, Courtney Cox, Christina Aguilera and Shia LaBeouf.

It has to be so tough to get something romantic going in the public eye, especially if it is with another star. That is probably why we see so many serial celebrity daters and recent breakups. What do you think about they way relationships are portrayed in the celebrity world? Do they make us feel sad for them, or give us a bad example? Leave me your comments below, after you check out some of the stars mentioned above in these pictures and video.

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Photos: Daly, Ivan Nikolov, Mr Blue, Michael Carpenter

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One Response to “Serial Celebrity Daters And Recent Breakups Oh My!”

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    arod you foolish man! Says:

    alex rodreguez is a loser over paid ball player and doesnt like any woman whos smarter than him! which means he will never satisfied with any normal female hollywood or no hollywood, but he is seems to have a long affinity with strippers and hookers, if it werent for his high salary he would be a nobody just another john.