Jenn Sterger vs. Brett Favre!

November 12, 2010

The beautiful and talented Jenn Sterger is at the center of the latest Brett Favre scandal after reports surfaced that the legendary Minnesota Vikings quarterback had sent her suggestive texts and photographs during her time as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets back in 2008.

Sterger met Thursday with NFL security director, Milt Ahlerich to provide the NFL with details regarding the allegations. Favre faces millions of dollars in loss if he’s found guilty causing his many endorsement deals to pull back. His lucrative contract with Wrangler jeans has already cut back on many of their Favre ads. Read more for further details.

The buxom reporter was discovered in 2005 when, as a FSU cheerleader, she was put on national television at the Florida State-Miami football game. Upon seeing her on the big screen announcer Brent Musburger declared, “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.”

Sterger, a 26-year-old beauty raised in Florida entered the world of Sports Journalism shortly thereafter, becoming an online columnist for Sports Illustrated, and then the “GameDay Host” for the New York Jets in 2008, where she worked with Favre.

She then brought her hosting abilities more mainstream, with an ABC show entitled Race to March Madness which took her to top universities for basketball where she would interview players, coaches, and fans. As recent as April of this year, she hosted another show for ESPN called The Daily Line which was canceled earlier this month. She has graced the pages of Maxim and other men’s magazines, and not one to stay out of the spotlight for long, she has minor roles in two movies coming out this year entitled The Tenant and Don’t Fade Away.

A stunning girl, it’s likely she must have many admirers. Despite Brett Favre being a married man, and devoted father and grandpa, is it so wrong that he be one of them?

What do you think? Should the NFL get involved? Should he lose his endorsements? Leave your comments below.

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9 Responses to “Jenn Sterger vs. Brett Favre!”

  1. 1
    Jay Says:

    The NFL absolutely should not be involved in this. The catalyst for their involvement was several articles from a disreputable blog, Deadspin. The three alleged “victims” in this scandal did not cooperate with the league’s investigation. It took Sterger a month to finally meet with the NFL and the two massage therapists, whom Deadspin claimed wanted to speak with the NFL, have refused to speak with the NFL. Deadspin also claimed to have given the JETS organization the information of the massage therapists, but when the NFL contacted Delaurio of Deadspin, Delaurio refused to give the league anything that wasn’t already published on its site. To investigate workplace misconduct based on something that was “reported” on the internet is opening the door to a flood of investigations. You want to subject a player to a distracting investigation? Simple, just write a blog about something scandalous!

  2. 2
    CitizenX Says:

    It’s OK for Brett to be a fan of Jenn and maybe send her an e-mail to that effect. Sending photos of himself though is a no-no and is where the NFL should get involved if he did so.

  3. 3
    sandcastle Says:

    Who WROTE this piece of crap, Jenn Sterger herself??? “Stunning?” Really?? You could go into any strip club in any mid-sized town in American and find a carbon copy of Jenn Sterger who’d probably be prettier in the face. Google her. There’s more photos of her naked or partially clothed than clothed. Any woman who puts it all out there like that (and then has the NERVE to want to be taken seriously as a sports reporter) deserves whatever comes her way. I don’t care if it’s PC or not, that’s what is going to happen. This is all about name recognition and money for her. If it hadn’t been Favre, it would have been someone else. I wish she would just GO AWAY.

  4. 4
    sandcastle Says:

    Agreed. Allison Torres completely shot down Jenn Sterger’s claims of feeling harrassed by Favre. I’ve always thought there was a two-way texting relationship between Favre and Sterger, as Torres claims. A famewhore like Sterger would be flattered, not repulsed, by attention from the NFL’s most famous quarterback. I’m also tired of hearing people talk about Favre going outside his marriage. What business is that of anyone else’s? How do you know what kind of agreement he and his wife have? If the NFL disciplined every player who screwed around on his wife, we’d be watching 3 on 3 games every Sunday. The average guy, if he had half the women throwing themselves at him that Favre does, would be all over it, too. That’s not right or wrong, that’s just fact.

  5. 5

    I was born and raised in FL with FSU and UF a big part of my household and this braindead female makes me want to thrown up in the middle of her fake boobs. Only one reason nothing has ever been heard about this..because there was nothing to it. Admittedly Favre never asked for the number, it was given him by person unknown in Jets organization. Secondly only one reason that it be spread over the internet just several weeks before the Jets/Vikings game..throw Favre off his game and make Jets the favorite. It worked too, not because Favre is any less the QB he has always been but because his family is hit out of the blue with this insanity and that is what it is. Research the goals of this female who give the rest of us a bad name, she wanted a boob job while at FSU but her father wouldn’t pay for it so she quit and moved to the “big city” to achieve fame and fortune using a rebuilt body, walk over anyone, destroy any person or family and get her name and face plastered everywhere. A pretty face means nothing without substance that comes from the soul and morals that come from a sense of right or wrong.without this that pretty face loses its luster quickly and the ugly inside her comes through. She is a disgrace to her family, the female race and all the young little girls mothers are trying to teach properly. Stop tearing Favre apart and dig through her life, her goals, her friends who know the truth and reveal her for what she really is!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    Hank Hana Says:

    Doesn’t it seem just a little strange that Sterger just may have set this fiasco up… just before the Jets game against the Vikings? Oh no, oh yes, she wanted to keep the photos and voice recordings to show her friends… ha, ha, ha! Might there be some more sinister reason for such trickery? Is our NFC Commissioner looking into the highly noticeable link between this two year old alleged incident to someone within or aligned to the Jets organization… and/or whether Sterger may have made some cheap and easy money from it? Isn’t it also a bit funny that Sterger can reveal to the world her body parts, some of which are viewed by very young, very impressionable children (as if she doesn’t know this) and then gets upset with pictures of someone else’s body parts? Oh yes, again, these were kept to merely show her friends and just happened to get brought up in a conversation with Deadspin… ha, ha, ha… clearly seeking to make a cheap and relatively easy buck from someone with hard earned money. Isn’t this just another Sterger attempt to revive her quite lack luster career of extremely poor acting and photo shots of her fake body parts in Playboy, other stag mags, and self-imposed Internet features. Let’s get real… Sterger is not all that good looking, average at best as evidenced by even her most mildest of critics… a readily apparent, awfully poor fad gone from bad to really, really bad! Unlike Brett, who has become arguably the best quarterback ever, holding every possibly NFL record on the books, not missing one game is his 20 year career, Sterger has literally done nothing except to expose her true self… her fakeness and her greed at another’s expense… and then trying to seemingly extort money from someone with real hard earned labor of love, on the field, in the real world of American Football. I wonder why Brett has yet to say anything about Sterger luring him on… Brett has real class and seems willing to wait until all of the Sterger dirt is swept out from under the rug. This dirt surely seems to stink of someone looking to hook onto easy recognition and fast money… let the truth be told and heard.

  7. 7
    sandcastle Says:

    Jenn Sterger never would have been discussing the Favre texting situation with Deadspin had she not planned on making it public and profiting from it in terms of money and exposure. Why would you tell a sleazeball like the guy at Deadspin anything, and then expect him not to publish it?? That’s what he DOES. And how did this “third party” get the texts and pics from her computer? Presumably it’s password protected. Jenn Sterger is a fake, inside and out.

  8. 8
    Manden Says:

    First of all, you can’t blame Le Favre for wanting to show this gem his naughty parts. From a moral perspective, I don’t believe married men should be sending suggestive texts to young tigresses. From my super manly perspective, however, I don’t think Le Favre is in le wrong. We don’t know what Le Favre’s situation is at home, whether Mrs. Le Favre wants in to spice things up, or whether the young Sterger gal is simply a scandal architect. At any rate, le NFL should not be involved. It’s so lame!!! Athletes (male and female) wet their dirty little beaks in many different watering holes because they’re thirsty. And this wetting of the beak only whets their appetite for more. Le Favre has a sweet booty, and so does Sterger, so let them play!

  9. 9
    JT Says:

    Favre should be prosecuted by the NFL just like rothlesburger was, if he was guilty he deserves it!