Keri Potts: ESPN’s Senior Publicist Biography (Photos, Video)

November 5, 2010

Keri Potts is an athletic, successful and strong woman, works as an executive at ESPN and ever since she shared with us her story she has become everyone’s hero, Wonder Woman some might call her. Keep reading our story to know more about her, her shocking and amazing Italian experience plus check out the photos, video and speak your mind about it.

Most of the times that we have shared with you a biography about a gal from ESPN it is because she is a reporter who happens to be extremely attractive or has an interesting story to talk about like that was the case with Erin Andrews, a sports reporter for ESPN, attractive with a peeping tom behind her door recording her inside her hotel room, Keri Potts is with ESPN as well, she also is very attractive, athletic, and unfortunately and fortunately at the same time she also has an impressive, overwhelming story to tell.

Keri Potts opened her heart to Marie Claire where she described her own Roman Holiday that she shared with her dear friend Lynn and an interesting Italian painter that turned out to be more than meets the eye. Well that sounded very Transformers, but it suits him.

Marco was the name Keri told us to talk about the Italian Painter she met at a restaurant while having a delicious meal over man talk with her friend Lynn, when the restaurant owner introduced them to him, this guy showed them his studio which remains me of that movie Vicky, Cristina Barcelona with Javier Barden, Penelope Cruz and Scarlet Johansson, this Italian asked Keri to meet him for dinner, an offer that she accepted after recalling how long it had been that she hasn’t gone on a date, how she had shut the doors on dating after being alone for so long, besides it was her last night in Italy, that dinner might turn out to be a great story to talk about.

The night started great – a great place to grab a delicious meal, he was having rum and talked to her about art, that seems to be everywhere you look at in Italy, he showed the place that inspired him and where he painted most of his pieces, that balcony of his 6 story apartment that had the most beautiful view Keri had ever seen, it was that view that showed freedom and the only way out for the man who transformed from an interesting artist to a monster that allegedly hit her, locked her in and was trying to rape her.

Keri, who has taken self defense classes, went back to those lessons that she thought would be so cool to use but hoped she never had to, sadly that night in 2008 she had to and she did when she hit him in order to escape his balcony even if it meant jumping six floors down. At the moment she jumped her sweater got stuck and he allegedly grabbed her by the neck, luckily it ripped and she was free landing on the roof now five stories down, she saw him getting inside, going after her? Probably so she began her escape that even though it sounded like an action movie, it turned out to be painful and dangerous, to keep it short after jumping from roof to roof she landed on the balcony of an American family without knowing and she asked them for help and managed to get to her hotel where she recalled lifting her arms, jumping and thought I won, that reminded her of Rocky. So after telling her friend the terrible thing she went through she filed charges, asked for help from the American embassy, got support from her ESPN family and got him arrested. She flew back home but continued with her case. At the end of this past April Marco plea-bargained, which in Keri words said:

“On April 22, 2010, he received a suspended sentence of 11 months, 10 days, which means he didn’t go to jail. However, he is on probation for the next five years, and if he commits another crime of any kind during that time, he will go straight to prison. He was also ordered to pay all my legal fees, which amounted to about $10,000″.

It seemed like a loss for some, but she fought, he will definitely think twice to attempt to assault any woman again and Keri has set a path for other rape or near rape women to fight.

Ms. Potts is a 33 year old graduate from Syracuse University in New York where she played in their Girl’s Volleyball Team where she also was co-captain. Keri, standing at 5’10”, was awarded with the 1997 Abbie Bigelow Award that is given to the player who shows more desire to excel and courage on and off the court, 1998 CoSIDA Academic All-America and the CoSIDA Academic All-District I.

She also was six times on the Syracuse’s Athletic Director’s Honor Roll (Given to students that shows academic accomplishments and holds a 3.0 grade point average for a semester).

Keri Potts helps other women through her story on her personal blog where she gives a sight of the picture she took of the roof tops she escaped from. We think that she is amazing, it really takes courage to do what she did, go to the police and tell her story not to be considered Wonder Woman, but to help others. In America there is an amazing anti-rape organization that has helped millions of female and male rape survivors, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), which has the special collaboration of hundreds of celebrities. For more info about RAINN visit or call them at 1.800.656.HOPE. I am myself a rape survivor, getting over it was not easy, like Keri it was only through God that not only did I get my sanity, strength and my life back, but found out that I am not alone. Today I can tell my story and help others.

What do you think of this story? Would you like to send Keri a message? Check out the photos and video below. (*Gruesome images* Beware some of the pictures are women victims of rape attempts whom were attacked by acid or fire).

Photos: Agent 47, Carrie Devorah

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