Amanda French: Bode Miller’s Girlfriend? (Photos, Video)

November 9, 2010

Amanda French is a stunning blond, a model and is she also Ski Racer Bode Miller’s girlfriend? Didn’t we hear about this earlier this year? Who really is Amanda? Isn’t she dating someone else? Keep reading to know all about her, their relationship plus check out the photos, video and give us all of your thoughts below.

Amanda French

So when we heard that the famous ski racer was getting way too romantic with a gorgeous blond model we thought oh My! who might be his girlfriend this time, since you know he has had a lot of girlfriends. Amanda French’s name was given as the girl identified as the model with whom he was getting “extremely Affectionate”, then we were not surprised, we knew for quite some these two were dating, you might remember our story about him, see that here.

Back then we also found out about his previous relationships starting with singer Susie Abromeit, pro log roller Lizzie Hoeschler, Austrian Olympic curler Claudia Toth, Canadian Model Karen Sherri, another model named Morgan Kennedy, from Denmark Marthe Gausen Nestvold and ultimately since last year our girl Amanda.

Well, no new news about them kissing, holding hands or even as some have said canoodled for a while, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know more about Ms.French, right? so let’s check out this gorgeous girl.

Amanda Jean French is the 27 year old model from Campton Hollow, New Hampshire born on February 7, 1983 she is currently living in Northern California. She went to Holderness School in Plymouth, New Hampshire where she graduated in 2001, later she went to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where she got her Bachelor of Science in Communication and a minor in Music Business. In 2005 became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor in 2006 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition followed by the time she spent at Pace University in New York where Amanda got her Masters Of Science in Counseling in 2008 and is currently studying at Capella University. As for modeling she is a Lange Girl, has been featured in many ad campaigns as well as has hosted events like the Olympics in Vancouver.

So people and media are talking about Amanda hooking up with Miller, we knew that she was dating him last year, but did you see the guy she is kissing on the picture below? His name is Dana Greenwood from Truckee, California, went to Buffalo High School, he is a graduate in International Business from Sierra Nevada College. He is currently working in the Sales and Promotions Department at the Storm Day Sports in Truckee. According to his Facebook page he is dating Amanda French, so either media confused Amanda with another stunning blond model or our boy Dana doesn’t update his account very often.

Now help us deciding this mystery and don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

Amanda French PhotosAmanda French 1Amanda Jean FrenchAmanda French 1 2Amanda Jean French 1Amanda French 1 2 3Amanda French picturesAmanda French 1 2 3 4
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Amanda French Video
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