Sonia Tatar: Arsene Wenger’s Secret Lover? Biography (Photos, Video)

November 8, 2010

Sonia Tatar is a stunning French rapper and is she also Arsenal Coach Arsene Wenger’s alleged secret Lover? Find out all the shocking revelations about this story, find who really is Sonia plus check out the photos, video and share all of your comments with us.

Sonia Tatar

Sonia Tatar’s alleged boyfriend has been Arsenal’s coach sine 1996, he is 61 years old and has been married to 53 year old Annie Brosterhous for a very long time, they have a thirteen year old daughter Leah, certainly the rumors about the alleged affair her husband has been having with the young French Rapper for the past two years hasn’t been great news, but as the young artist confirms their relationship, to be more serious than a simple affair, he has denied everything she said. How will this end?

According to the news first brought by the Sun, the 39 year old French singer has been allegedly having a romantic relationship with the famous Arsenal coach, but why not call it an affair? Well if that is true it is an affair alright, but according to what Sonia said their relationship has moved from a forbidden affair to true love, a serious relationship that was about to get even more serious as he was allegedly leaving his wife to be with her, but that is not what he said, who in his own words said this:

“I do not intend to make any comment and wish to deal with the matter privately.” But he did say that Sonia’s allegations were “without any truth”.

The Sun also reported that Sonia, a former waitress now rapper under her rap name Donya, is a single mother of her 17 year old daughter, her daughter’s father is unknown but it could be that guy she married when she was 20 years old and divorced some time later.

It was rumored that the pair met two years ago in a restaurant, after that night he allegedly invited her to see an Arsenal match and then their relationship began, her friends said that Sonia once begged him to leave his team in England and join one in France, you might remember that his name was linked to Paris Saint Germain not long ago, he denied leaving his team at that time. The reason for her request according to her friends was to be close to him, she also asked him to leave his wife but he refused to do so, this decision got her really depressed since she was sure about this relationship, was sick of hiding and was ready to get more serious.

“Sonia wanted him far nearer. They are both French and they have masses of friends and family in Paris. Arsene is always over here. Sonia wanted him to find work here, perhaps even taking over a French club. It would have meant they could be together for so much longer.”

News of the World reported that he was seen at the French Airport after Arsenal’s match in Ukraine where he allegedly met with Ms. Tatar for lunch, they were spotted allegedly kissing and holding hands.

Do you think she really is his secret Lover? What do you think of her? Do you think she is lying? Check out the photos and videos below.

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