Hanna Prater: F1 Sebastian Vettel’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

November 10, 2010

Hanna Prater is a beautiful, young and kind woman, but she also is F1 amazing racer Sebastian Vettel’s girlfriend. Find out more about her, life, career, relationship, the girl in these photos are not Hanna but you can see her pictures in the great links in our story plus check out our video after the jump.

Hanna Prater’s Boyfriend is the 23 year old F1 driver from Heppenheim, West Germany. He is part of the Red Bull Team since 2009 and on Sunday November 7th, 2010 he took the podium defeating his teammate Mark Webber who placed second at the the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fernando Alonso placed third and Lewis Fourth at the 4.2-km Interlagos track, but didn’t you see his beautiful girlfriend Hanna? Of Course you didn’t, unlike other F1 wives and girlfriend she is hardly on the track not that she is against her beau racing it’s just the way things have been between these high school sweethearts.

The love story between Hanna and her F1 stud started a long time ago, unlike what other sites said about them meeting a couple of years ago, these two met while both were attending secondary school in Germany, what did happen three years ago is the beginning of their romantic relationship. Hanna is German from her father’s side and British from her Mother’s side.

23 year old Hanna, a design and textile undergraduate, lives with her beloved boyfriend at his home in Switzerland where other drivers also reside, but they have built a strong relationship over the years, their trust, confidence and love for each other goes way back and is not weird or fundamental for any to be by their side on the race track. After repeatedly being questioned about why Hanna wasn’t there her beau said that other drivers didn’t bring their loved ones either and even once said to never bring your girlfriend to work. Either way people are getting more used to the fact that the blond beauty won’t be there and then almost nobody expected to see her or even wonder if that would be the day Hanna Prater would show herself, that won’t be happening anytime soon. A few years ago in 2008 rumors about them splitting up were around, that news was denied by Bild, and you can check out their picture taken here.

What do you think of this story and about her? Have any additional information about this stunning woman? Check out the photos and video below.

Hanna Prater Video
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One Response to “Hanna Prater: F1 Sebastian Vettel’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)”

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    Luise Says:

    Fantastic articel. where are the pictures of Hannah Prater? And they still together? (Sorry, for my english. I´m from Germany.)