Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton Fight (Video)

November 8, 2010

It was quite a day for race fans at the Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday as they witnessed NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton fight and it got physical. Find out what Burton did to set off Gordon as well as check out the video of these two in a heated exchange.

Jeff Gordon

NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton fight broke out at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday. So what happened that caused Gordon to come at Burton and shove him? Well according to Burton he was attempting to drive his car up next to Gordon’s to apologize for something that had happened earlier in the race.

However something clearly went wrong because Burton ended up driving into the back of Gordon’s car pushing it into the wall. As you can imagine Jeff G. was none too pleased when this happened and later went up to Jeff B. got in his face. There was some shoving involved to but if you watch the video below you can see there are race officials there that quickly separated the feuding men.

Burton has taken full responsibility for what happened on and off the track admitting it was his fault and apologizing for it. Will the two keep this feud alive, not likely. The usually very rational and level headed Gordon has said it is over but he also said he has lost respect for Burton.

Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton’s fight is quite the story however is it all that dramatic not really. I mean what sport doesn’t have a couple of people throwing down from time to time, seriously that is pretty much what makes people love Hockey right?. I personally think this is making headlines because Gordon, who is a fan favorite in the racing world was involved. That is of course just my two cents on the subject let me know what you think about these two drivers coming to blows.

Jeff BurtonJeff Gordon 2Jeff Burton 2

Photos: Eddy/Jeff Daly/Lester P. Jones

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5 Responses to “Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton Fight (Video)”

  1. 1
    crystal bishop Says:

    I saw this video and used to have respect for Jeff Gordon. He seemed to be one of the most professionally acting stockcar racers. When I saw this video and came to Jeff Burton as if he was going the beat the @#!$$%% out of him, it was out of character. Jeff Gordon, that’s a low blow to your image!!You are acting more like Earnhardt that yourself-it is just a race you know!!

  2. 2
    blaine graybill Says:

    WTG Jeffy. Put some excitment back into racing. You had every right to to get in burton’s face. what happened was wrong.
    Your in the chase and the caution was out, and you get put in the crazy is that???
    would loved to have had a camera in that ambulance.LOL

  3. 3
    Lesley Says:

    I love this. It is about time Jeff Gordon stops taking $hit from everybody. You go Jeff!

  4. 4
    moose with a j Says:

    Mixed feelings about this, yah finally we are reverting back to traditional old style racing (it is NOT a gentlemans sport). Yah, JG is showing some balls instead of using his undertable ways and bumping ppl then getting off scott free even with it on tape. BOO: Man there’s a reason we look at you, Old Richard, and Mark martin, you raced hard but always tried to keep it clean on and off track. Now your just screaming like rusty wallace boohoo boohoo! and Final BOO: More for JG than anything, Boss Rick ain’t gonna like you showing your ass off like that. Your his flagship car, meaning win or lose your a perm stable unless things like this happen. Don’t believe me, Remember terry Labonte. Acted up and was shipped out…Rick works in mysterious ways and always has for the last 30+ years.

  5. 5
    Go Jeff Gordon Says:

    That was awsome I was watching the race when it happened. First off Burton blamed Gordon 4 that until Gordon got n his face it was wrong of Burton the caution was out how r u even going fast enough to put someone n the wall? he knew what he was doing I don’t care what he said. So go Jeff Gordon I’m proud of u!!!