Conan O’Brien Back: New TBS Show!

November 8, 2010

Tonight we get to see the much anticipated return of Conan O’Brien! Back on TV, and now on TBS, we will get to see his humor and more. What surprises are up his sleeves? Keep reading below for more, with photos and videos.

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Once the whole debacle went down with NBC we knew we couldn’t see him on our small screens for a while. Well that time has passed and tonight at 11 pm EST he gets to be back where he belongs. Will this show be a hit?

Though his “Tonight Show” stint was short and filled with drama, I really enjoyed it. And you could tell he did too. I still can’t believe the way they treated him. Now that Conan O’Brien’s back, he sure has something to prove.

I think it will be great! If his promos and “Show Zero” are any indication, it will be like a breath of fresh air! As for the host he feels like he’s back to normal life, doing talk shows.

“There’s nothing like stopping for a while to make you appreciate” having a show. “Even just doing the test shows, I felt like a duck getting back in the water. I like being in front of audiences.”

So what exactly will we see tonight? I don’t think we can prepare ourselves for what will happen. According to his online poll most people wanted his first guest to be the Nutcracker lady. Others wanted Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Tonight we will find out for sure.

Yep, it is time for him to not focus so much on Twitter and internet videos, but rather on his new talk show. That’s right; the time has come to bring Conan O’Brien back! Will you be catching his debut? Check out the promo and “Show Zero” video and these pictures, then tell me your thoughts below!

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Photos:, Nikki Nelson, Michael Wright, Dominic Chan, Rachel Worth

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