Dallas Cowboys Lap Dance (Photos, Video)

November 2, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys had some attention competition from fans sitting on the stands, it was a fight this time but on the contrary this was all about love or should we said “Lust”, Who is the famous Dallas Cowboys Lap dancer?. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out some hilarious, outrageous and out of this world Lap dance photos and the video that has become so popular.


Not all fans could watch the girl who was so into, on top and all over the guy she was with at the game, but the video taken by another fan sitting behind them was so kind to record the entire kissing, devouring and lap dance session he had the opportunity to see for free, not that he is usually on the search for these kind of shows.

This blond girl who is evidently stunning got up from her seat and climbed on top of the guy sitting next to her, either her boyfriend, husband, whatever she was giving him a lap dance in the middle of the game and with hundreds of eyes on them. These fellows began cheering, screaming and encouraging him to get it done and to give them a Brett Favre shot, things got louder when she wouldn’t stop kissing him all over his neck and lips while giving him a lap dance, it wasn’t until after whispering sweet somethings or dirty somethings into his ear, she got up and started to lift her East Carolina/NC State Game shirt, revealing the tattoo on one side of her abs, followed by her animal print bra.

Although the video ends when he pulls her to the side and sits her on the seat and because the long version of the video has been removed from Youtube, which is more than 7 minutes instead of the 1:21 that Youtube has allowed viewers to see, some said that security had to rush to the place where the famous lap dance was happening and prevent things to get steamier or were they rushed to show the dollar bills like the other guys were? Who is that girl? There is a frantic search for her, did you know that?

Well Deadspin began this frantic search, they got an email from a person who knows this girl.

“I am writing with the most respect and consideration possible, and with all the hopes in the world that you will receive this message with the same thoughts. I know the young lady in the cowboys video that you posted, and I don’t think you are aware of the potential damage you are causing.
She is a very smart, self respecting, modest girl that took a vacation and let her hair down, as cliche as that sounds. She cannot afford to be mocked and ridiculed and posted on the internet during a moment she not only doesn’t remember but would like to forget, and this video takes away her right to do so. Please consider the girl you see in that video not as a “stripper, whore, slut, etc” or any of the other vulgar names shes been called, but see her as a young lady that had maybe a little too much fun and should be allowed to put her wild night behind her.

If I could beg on my hands and knees in front of you, I would, her future, her reputation, and her dignity all rides on how you respond to this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.”

They also found out her identity, that she is from North Carolina and that she is a sophomore at East Carolina University aka ECU, they also searched her Facebook page and found this on her wall.

“Sick of being sick and tired of being tired.”
“What’s on your mind? Oh facebook you have no idea.”
“At what point do you decide, I’m done trying to please everyone around me, and I’m ready to live for me. I think I’ve come to that point.”

There was one reader that wrote that the thing she posted is part of an AA slogan, other posted a Facebook URL of a girl that might be her since Deadspin said they will not reveal her name, but I really don’t think it is the same girl. It is terrible for her future and reputation that the entire world see her Lap Dance video, but she seems old enough to know the consequences of these kind of public exposures.

I wonder if this girl was drunk and the following day woke up not only with the worst physical hangover but also morally? What would you do if you were there? Check out the photos, I bet you are glad that our girl didn’t look like the fan in the Cowgirl costume in the picture below, right? Don’t miss the controversial lap dance video.

Fan’s Lap Dance at Cowboys Game Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Aaron Settipane.

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