Carol Valle Anderson: Sparky Anderson’s Wife (Photos, Video)

November 5, 2010

Carol Valle Anderson is a fantastic woman, wife, mother, grandmother and a dear personality in the MLB. Today she cries for the loss of her dear and famous husband Sparky Anderson, Keep reading to know all about Mrs. Anderson, early years, marriage, children, Grandchildren and the devastating news about her husband`health deteriorated by dementia and death , don’t miss the photos, video and shared your comments, messages with us.

Carol Valle Anderson’s husband was a wonderful man, beloved husband, father, grandfather, dear friend, role model and certainly an amazing baseball player and unbelievably talented coach. The 72 year old second baseman from South Dakota later relocated to California where after his graduation began his career with the Santa Barbara Dodgers, in the late 50’s with the Phillies followed by the Triple-A Toronto Maple Leafs, until he retired as a player to start his successful coaching career.

As his career as a coach began to blossom he changed from Sparky who? To the great coach, Hall Of Famer that we remember in our hearts. His death saddens the world of Sports worldwide, but he left us his charm, kindness, loyalty and a lifetime of great memories, similar and much better memories are the ones his dear family holds in their minds and hearts, His dear wife Carol who knew him better than he knew himself still remembers the day when both were in fifth grade and she met that cute boy from South Dakota that moved not just a few years back to California with his family.

That boy who she found cute would be her husband nine years later when she no longer was Carol Valle but Carol Anderson when they got married on October 3rd, 1953, right after their high school graduation. Soon children came to fill their lives and the warmth of their home with their laughter.

Carol’s boys Albert and Robert Lee Jr. are her little men, even though both are grown men in her heart she can still go back and see them running around their house in Thousands Oaks in Ventura County, California where her little princess Shirlee filled their lives with magic. These day all of her three children also fill her house with their children, Carol’s nine grandchildren.

But as good times has brought her joy and happiness, she also suffered her husband’s dementia that day after day stole her husband from her, the man she used to know so well, who she could tell when he could be Robert and then would become Sparky was no longer by her side, the husband who she married more than 50 years ago who hated to travel was slipping from her hands, but it only took her a second to see through his eyes to find out that even if that man acted like a total stranger on the inside was that cute 5th grader who grew up to become her soul mate, that man was still there, but she had to accept the reality their lives were facing on November 3rd, 2010 when his health became visibly deteriorated and made the decision to place him in hospice care at his home, she knew he would be in good hands, but her heart was shattered, even more hard was the news she got the following day, when her beloved husband died. Since it was his wish, Carol and her children announced that no memorial or funeral service will be held.

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Carol Valle Anderson, her sons, daughter, grandchildren, other family members, friends and fans throughout this terrible time. Would you like to express your thoughts regarding this story? Would you like to send a message to Carol and her family? Check the photos and video below.

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