10-year-old Gives Birth, Spain: Romanian Gypsy Girl Married Minor

November 6, 2010

In this story the new grandmother isn’t shocked! Apparently in Romania where they are from it’s not news when a 10-year-old gives birth. Spain is where the family is living and where the new baby was born and they haven’t seen this before. Want to get more details on strange events like this? Keep reading below for more, with photos and videos.

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Teenage mothers, and even sometimes a little younger, are tough enough to deal with. But, a girl who just hit the double digit age mark becoming a mother is just scary. The health risks are high and now there is a custody battle as well!

The child was born last week and is now making headlines. Her baby’s daddy is also a minor believed to be 13-years-old. The mother of the 10-year-old girl that gives birth in Spain says she doesn’t understand why people are interested in this. In their culture she says this happens all the time. The very young new mom apparently lives with her boyfriend and took the 6.4 lb. baby home over the weekend. Everyone is said to be healthy, but the road ahead is not easy.

Stories similar to this pop up every now and then like a girl who was 11 and had a baby earlier this year. Though the southern city in the country has also seen its share of young mommies, but it has never seen one this young. Now authorities are looking into the living environment she could provide her baby to see what’s the best course of action.

“We’re currently working on it and what we have to ensure is that both the mother, who in this case is a minor as well, and the baby are absolutely taken care of. If they can be well cared for, then they can stay with the family,” said Micaela Navarro, who is involved in social welfare.

I can understand there is a cultural difference but I feel like this is just unsafe. Not only is the young mother not fully developed and could suffer serious repercussions, but the baby doesn’t have a normal development and most aren’t expected to live past age one. And then if both are healthy, taking care of the baby and supporting it is a whole other challenge.

I sure hope everything works out okay. I know the grandma’s not shocked, but I can’t help but feeling that this is both unsafe and very unhealthy. Headlines stating that a10-year-old gives birth in Spain just aren’t normal, but I wish her the best. Tell me what you think below, after you check out these pictures and video.

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9 Responses to “10-year-old Gives Birth, Spain: Romanian Gypsy Girl Married Minor”

  1. 1
    Lucas Says:

    It has to be pointed out that the Romanian girl, from gypsy ethnicity, came to Spain to deliver the baby.

  2. 2
    Eva Says:

    WTF!!!! Poor kid…

  3. 3
    MCCAIN Says:

    Wow a 10-year-old gives birth in Spain. Now I’ve heard everything. Romanian gypsies got some explaining to do.

  4. 4
    Lia Says:

    Gypsies give Romanians a bad reputation…people need to realize that they are the minority in Romania and the rest of the people do not behave as they do. The way Romanians have been portrayed in the media is not accurate.

  5. 5
    Hollie Says:

    What has this world seriously come to that parents no longer want to protect their children, but praise them and be proud that their 10 year old child has just had a child. I think it is horrible to see teenagers with babies but one who isn’t so far from being a baby herself with one. Children may be blessing but this little girls’ life will forever be ruined from this. When I first read the headline I thought oh my goodness maybe it was a rape or something and they had no clue she was pregnant but then to read on and then see a video of a proud grandmother, I was totally appalled! I have a daughter who just turned 10 and she has been maturing into young lady but she is still just a child with a lot of growing up to do and I would never condone something like this at all. It is appalling and I think they need to charge the mother with child endangerment. Gypsy rules or whatever please give me a break, if you give away your child to be married and having babies at 10 years old ,it’s no better than a bigamist with tons of wives and impregnating children there as well, I just see them as deadbeat lazy parents who aren’t responsible to take care of their children so they basically prostitute them out. It angers me so much! I hope the little girl and her little baby are healthy and get the proper care they need and I hope they file charges against her parents for allowing this to happen and as far the father of the child, he may be a child himself and a victim in all this as well but something needs to be done there as well.May God bless all who deal with this and someone pays for the mistreatment of the children!

  6. 6
    meme Says:

    um if i was her mother that would be dead and every1 wuld be wearing black dresses by now!!

  7. 7
    Jan Brady Says:

    It is pretty bad when people start thinking it is ok for a 10 year old and 13 year old to be parents.
    May God help these kids and their baby.
    Way to young to be parents in any normal persons eyes

  8. 8
    D E Says:

    Check out the pictures. I really have a hard time believing she is only 10 years old.

  9. 9
    Cookie Says:

    Obviously the girl’s mother and the child’s father’s family have no morales, values, scruples, or principles or this would have never happened to this 10 & 13 year old. All the parents of these children should be locked up and help accountable for this. Laws need to be put in place in this country for this type of behavior. Do they not have child protective laws? The child needs to be put up for adoption ASAP. The young mother and father needs psychological counselling and put in a home until they are at least 21 years of age. Unbelievable!