Skating with the Stars Cast Revealed (Photos, Video)

November 5, 2010

Fox’s Skating with the Stars is back, this time from the hands of ABC and comes with a very interesting cast that promises to make viewers forget about DWTS. Who are the celebrities to take the ice this month, Who will be their professional partners? Find out all the details from our story and don’t miss the photos and video after the jump.

After FOX’s attempt to turn Skating with the Stars into “The Show” America can’t wait to see, dealing with outrageous rumors that ended up to be true you might remember Kristy Swanson was rumored to be dating her skating partner Lloyd Eisler or so did his wife at the time said, they ended up winning the competition and revealed that they were indeed dating (after the show was over that is). They are now married and last but not least the show’s next season didn’t get the green light for renewing their contract.

On November 22, 2010 ABC will the responsible for giving Skating With the Stars a new boost to be a rival worthy for their major hit Dancing With The Stars, and their new fantastic cast is revealed, check it out:

The six celebrities to skate and strap on Blades of Steel – Motle Crue’s lead singer and Rock N’ Roll bad guy Vince Neil, can he be the baddest guy on the Ice? Real Housewife and Skinnygirl Margarita Bethenny Frankel, Ace Ventura and Catwoman wanna be actress Sean Young, from Puerto Rico comes Olympic Free style Skier Jonny Moseley, All My Children Actress Rebecca Budig and from Disney, actor Brandon Mychal Smith who portrays a hilarious guy on Starstruck and Sonny With a Chance, he also is an experienced roller skater, but who knows if he can handle the transition, What do you think? Have you seen the sneak peek preview video, check it out here and tell us who is the celebrity you just can’t wait to see? Who do you consider is not a good pick for Skating with the Stars or should we begin to think of it as SWTS? Check their photos below.

Skating With The Stars Videos
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