Shanaze Reade: BMX Rider Biography (Photos, Video)

November 3, 2010

Meet Shanaze Reade she is a British BMX champion and is not afraid to severely criticize Paris Hilton’s false world. Find out more what she said about the Heiress’ lifestyle, message to girls who idolized Hilton, Learn who is Shanaze Reade from her biography in our story plus check out the photos and video below.

Shanaze Reade was included on film maker Abi Moore’s Pink Stinks where their role models list was selected because they are found to be “inspirational, important, ground-breaking and motivating”. Other Athletes included are Eleanor Simmons (Paralympian swimmer), Rebecca Adlington (Freestyle swimmer), Bethany Hamilton(Surfer), Isa Guha (cricket Player), Female player at the Arsenal Football Team, Alice Powell (16 years old F1 driver and Kimberlee Jay (for her amazing dance moves for Nike). It was during an interview about her involvement with Pink Stinks that Shanaze talked about her role models (Kelly Holmes Middle distant athlete, Linford Christie was sprinter) not without telling the world about who she thinks should not be anyone’s role model and who she thinks lives and has fabricated a false world, that would be Paris Hilton.

“It’s a kind of false world they’re being led into,’ said Reade. ‘Paris Hilton and those kind of people, they’ve got there because their parents are rich or somewhere along the line someone’s done something and they’ve just clung on to the back of it.”

Ouch! Paris. But now let’s find out more about this impressive and well grounded athlete.

Shanaze Reade Biography

* Shanaze Danielle Reade was born in Crewe in Cheshire, UK on September 22, 1988 making her age of 22.
* Her mother Johanna is Irish and Lincoln her dad is from Jamaica, her mother was just 17 she she was born and her dad didn’t stay with them, her grand parents Mary and Martin Reade raised her in the beginning. She has two younger siblings, a little sister and brother.
* She started riding at age 11, and track racing three years ago.
* For just £1 she bought her first BMX bike.
* Her mentored and great friend was Bob Field.
* In the early beginnings of her BMX career she started gaining recognition by becoming the 2000 12 Girls Cruiser BCFBMX Champion, followed by her victory at the 2001 13 Girls European Champion, 2002 European Championships in Germany and 15 Girls European Champion two years later.
* In 2004 she became the 16 Girls European Champion and the 18 Under Women’s Cruiser World Champion awarding her the title of double world champion.
* In 2006 she was Junior Elite Women European Champion and won the World Championships in Brazil, she became pro in 2007.
* In 2007 , along with Victoria Pendleton at the Women’s Team Sprint they won the gold at the World Track Championships in Majorca, Spain.
* Shanaze Reade won the gold in Canada at the 2007 World BMX Championships.
* At 19-year-old Shanaze Reade was named MCC Young Sportswoman of the Year.
* In 2008 in Manchester once again with Pendleton at the Women’s Team Sprint they took another gold at the World Track Championships and then again in 2009 at the World Track Championships in Poland.
* Also in 2008 she won gold at the World BMX Championships in China.
* In August 2010 she won her third BMX World Championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
* Some of her most serious injuries have been a fractured knee, broken her foot (twice), an elbow and a bone at the base of her spine.
* Her sponsors are Adidas, British Cycling, Troy Designs, Alans BMX, Pure Cycling Company, Sky HD, and Oakley.
* Her nickname is “Speedy Readey” .

What other things can you tell us about Shanaze? What do you think about her statement about Paris Hilton and her “false world”, do you agree or disagree? Check out the photos and video below.

Shanaze Reade Videos
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