Lyndie Dupuis Irons: Andy Irons’ Wife (Photos, Video)

November 3, 2010

Lyndie Dupuis Irons is Hawaiian surfer Andy Irons’ wife and mother of the couple’s child. Lyndie was not just his beloved wife, tour companion, manager she also is a fantastic designer. Read on to know all about her, her life, career, family and more plus check the Lyndie’s photos on the great links in our story and our video below.

She was Lyndie Dupuis before becoming Lyndie Irons and was born in the Southern beaches of California (San Diego), where she and her little sister Aimee also grew up. Lyndie met her beloved husband when she was doing a modeling job (she started modeling at age 15) for Billabong (his most recent sponsor at that time) in Tavarua, Fiji although both were in a relationship at the time, both reconnected some time after in Encinitas, San Diego where she was living and both were single. They started dating officially on June 24 about 9 years ago more or less.

Lyndie joined him on every surfing competition around the world. Soon she became not just his travel companion but also his manager and under that new position she took care of every single detail like interviews, emails, travel plans and pretty much everything to help him focus on surfing, which is why he gave her a lot of credit for his success.

“She has a lot to do with my success. Without her, nothing in my life would work,” he says. “I would fall off the tracks.”

They got engaged 4 years later on the beach in Fiji while taking a walk together just to find “Will you marry me” written on the sand following with him officially getting on one knee, something that Lyndie describes as awfully romantic and perfect even though at first the proposal included a fake diamond ring, but they bought a real one after.

They got married on November 25, 2007 in Anini Beach near Hanalei Bay in Princeville, Kauai. The invitations were designed by Lyndie, sent without the location. She got help from her best friend Amy and Deanna Schafer of I Do Weddings, created the wedding any girl would want.

Andy wore Calvin Klein, while Lyndie wore a stunning white silk dress, the ceremony was officiated by Calvin Ho (Hawaiian Minister). The atmosphere was magnificent, filled with the most beautiful flowers, beautiful music and exquisite cuisine. Check out some pictures of that beautiful day here.

Both wanted to wait a few years after getting married to start having babies, which was just perfect since Lyndie teamed up with Hawaiian local designer and dear friend Naomi Newirth to create their own fashion line Acacia Swimwear, right now they have stores all over Hawaii, California, New Jersey and they have promised to open more very soon. Check out Mr. and Mrs. Irons in a gorgeous photoshoot here.

She found out she was pregnant earlier this year, her baby boy Axel Jason Irons will be born in about 5 to 6 weeks, sadly daddy won’t be there. Tragedy struck Lyndie Irons’ life on November 2, 2010 when at about 9:00 a.m her husband was found dead in his hotel room at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Dallas, apparently he was feeling really sick while competing in Puerto Rico, but he wanted to check with his doctor at home in Hawaii, but a connecting flight delayed him in Dallas, he missed his hotel waking call so when staff checked on him they found him on the bed, for the moment it was reported that Dengue Fever was the cause of his sudden and tragic death. He was just 32 years old.

**UPDATE** On more recent news we found out that Andrew Axel Irons has been born as his mother Lyndie Irons gave birth via cesarean section on December 8th at 8:00 a.m in Kauai, her brother in-law and little Andy Axel’s uncle Bruce was at the hospital. The happy news was revealed by Billabong’s Twitter page. Baby Axel was born just with a perfect timing, Pipe Masters!!!

billabong1973 Billabong
We officially welcome Andy Axel Irons into the world. All our love to Lyndie and the Irons family.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lyndie Irons, family, friends and fans throughout this terrible time. Check the photos and videos below and take a little time to share your comments about this story and about Lyndie and don’t miss the chance to send her a message in our comments box.

Lyndie Dupuis Irons Videos
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36 Responses to “Lyndie Dupuis Irons: Andy Irons’ Wife (Photos, Video)”

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  1. 1
    shannon ebarle Says:


    I am a wife and mother of two that had to let you know my love and prayers are sent to you in a time of loss and a time of the most beautiful thing about to happen to you. Please know that so many in the surf community are sending love and strength through thoughts and prayers.

    in memory of your husband, Shannon Ebarle

  2. 2
    Jade Says:

    I have been thinking about you And your tragic loss for two days and I am so sorry for your loss, you are in my prayers.

  3. 3
    roger Says:

    feel so bad for you lyndie.he was a great surfer,my thoughts are with you for this difficult time. x

  4. 4
    Julie Says:

    Dear Lyndie,

    I know your pain first hand. I feel your pain, just know that Time and the Grace of God will help you to heal. Each day will get a little easier. God Be With You. My DEEPEST Condolences!

  5. 5
    Rachel T Says:


    My heart is with you. I have cried off and on these past 2 days since I heard the news. My husband is a surfer as well so we follow the news/contest etc… I cannot imagine what you feel or your pain. I will say I am happy you are pregnat so you will now have a piece of Andy close to you always. I will pray for you and your family. You and Axel will be ok. Andy will be with you. Rachel T.

  6. 6
    Roberta Says:

    I’m a surfer, but firstly i’ m a woman that loose his man Last year. My boyfriend died in a tragic kitesurf accident, he has been catched by an hole wind an in Italy was an event, especially because he was an instructor and a really good surfer. After his death. Stopped to’ live, i stopped to’ surf, i stopped to’ believe. The most beautiful part of me has honey away with him.. And a night, the Last august my best friend told me ” honey is coming andy irons in rome, u ve to’ be’ there for Luca and for u, please come over!!! Finally i decided to’ go to’ the beach,Luca died on the 20th of june 2009, it was the 5th of august, i was totally Upset but i went. And i’ ll say tx to’ my best friend for all my life. I was scared and shy but i went to’ Andy, i explained to’ him my situation and i asked just to’ write down something to’ a luca’s t- shirt. He was so lovely with me and he wrote ” Luca look after us, smiling” … And he prayed me to’ continue to’ hope and keep surfing, and hold me in a big hug. Then called his lovely wife, Lyndie and i met her.. She told me ” i know what means the fear to’ loose the man you love… I m so sorry, be’ strong u Are so beautiful, …” and she hold me too to’ herself. I got a beautiful video clip about that night and after that meeting i came back in the water, it’ s not the same without Luca but i came back. Please, sorry for my long post but i am grateful to’ both for what they did for me that night and i know so deeply the lyndie Melting pain that i really would lime to’ give her my hug as she did with me. So lyndie, if u can remember me, please, please please, believe in your love now more than ever, Andy will guide u in your way. U will have his child and u willbe a beautiful mum. But this is a steap ahed. Now u have to’ be’ in this tragic pain as me.. And u just news to’ be’ lonley propably… But please believe me because your pain is mine sincero 1 year and 5 months… They Are with us… They will always be’ with us… This is the time of desperation and let yourself go if u need.then…. Start from what you and andy have been togheter…start fromyour love… No death can rape us from this… I’ m here anytime… I’ m a foreigner for u, but u and andy gaveme more than u can think that night, to’ me and Luca and i will never forget it… Love u both honey… Luca is on the andy way right now… And together Are looki g after us….god bless u…RIP big Andy.
    With big love, TATA, Rome

  7. 7
    Maire Says:


    Manoa and I send you all our love and support.
    If I could send you all my courage I would do it too.
    You are a beatiful amazing person and I’m sure your little boy will be just as great as his father was.

    Much love xoxoxox Maire and Manoa from Tahiti.

  8. 8
    corinne king Says:

    Dear sweet Lyndie.. I am soooo sorry for you. I know the pain you are feeling right now. If there is anything I can do for you or your family, please have your mom call me. I will be praying for all of you. Love, Corinne

  9. 9
    Jane Says:

    dear lyndie, i’m so sorry for your loss. although i don’t know your family personally, my heart goes out to you. i can only imagine the pain you must be feeling. but you’ll always have a piece of andy with you-through axel. god bless you and your family.

  10. 10
    sherri harrison Says:


    There are no words that anyone can say that will make u feel free….. my heart feels heavy for you at this time in your life were all should be easy and wonderful. I send u good energy and love from the Gold Coast of Australia……. my son was born on the 1st of Dec 2009 i see ur due around then, he will be there with you promise.. … Love and Peace, love Sherrie X

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