Libby Offutt: Randy Moss’ Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

November 3, 2010

Libby Offutt is former New England Patriots’ and Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss’ girlfriend. She is quite an unfamiliar name to many, but not to some others that have been following her boyfriend’s scandals, outrages and career. Keep reading to know more about her, her life, children, long time relationship with the famous yet troubled wide receiver, check the photos, video and share all of your comments with us.

Libby Offutt’s beau is the 33 year old wide receiver from West Virginia. His career with the NFL started in 1998 with the Minnesota Vikings, followed by the Oakland Raiders in 2007, New England Patriots in 2007 and came back to Minnesota this year, a series of troubled, alleged racist comments sent him off the team less than a month after he became part of the Vikings, but to Libby these series of outbursts from her beau are not something new or something that she would be alarmed about just like she won’t be worried about him not having a job, she knows the great talent he has, in no time a new team will call him. It is that same talent that is present in her children’s genes like the case of her daughter Sidney, who is a fantastic and very promising basketball player at Ryle High School.

Libby also has three other gorgeous children with her football stud, another girl Senali and her handsome boys Thaddeus and Montigo. Although she hasn’t gotten married, the time she has been his partner is legendary and shocking, why is that? Well, you might remember that woman from Miami named Rachelle Washington, who accused him of assaulting her in 2008, even though he denied assaulting her he did say for the past 11 years at that time they have been in an outgoing friendship, whatever that means it sounds like not the kind of relationship any girlfriend would want her man to have. A few years back in 1996 we heard that Libby Offut was arrested after allegedly attacking her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend’s car and getting into a heated argument with him afterwards, causing him to get arrested as well, lucky for them charges were dropped. If we move a little in time we find out when a Girlfriend of Moss was allegedly slapped by him, not sure if that was Libby so maybe you can contribute with that info.

Libby’s life hasn’t been easy, nor has it been for her beau ever since they started dating back in High School. Many objected about them being together, but they really love each other, love their family, understand their lifestyles as difficult as they would get they stick up for each other.

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