Alzheimer’s Awareness Month: Events & Info

November 2, 2010

It’s that time of year again! November not only rings in the Holidays, but it is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Want to hear more about what is planned for this year and what they’ve learned? Keep reading below for more details, photos and videos.

Alzheimer  s Supporters  1

That photo above is just two of the many celebrities who went to events this year in support of research for the disease. Each year experts get closer to figuring out the problem, but every fundraiser helps them get even closer.

The main goal for association in charge of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is pretty obvious: they want to spread the information they have and also want to get more people involved. There is no cure for the degenerative disease, but we keep learning more about what we can do.

There are ways to detect signs and symptoms earlier ad well as some trial preventative measures. It seems that they also keep finding links between the illness and other substances or activities. Diabetes was recently connected with it, and B12 is said to possibly help the effects.

There are many ways to raise more money for research throughout the whole year, and it doesn’t just happen in November. The picture up top and the ones below are of Hollywood stars at “A Night at Sardi’s” which benefits the Alzheimer’s Association. There are also Memory Walks at various locations to support the same cause. And those are just a couple!

The more the word gets out; hopefully the more people get involved and help. The color of the Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is purple and so you may see a lot of that color around. Why not put some on and help the cause? Tell me your thoughts below after you see more helpful stars and this video.

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